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Master Positioning in BGMI: 5 Key tips and tricks you need to know

Mastering positioning is crucial for success in BGMI game. Check out these five tips to improve your gameplay and secure more victories.

Updated on: Sep 24 2023, 06:37 IST
Know 5 Key positioning tips for success in BGMI game. (BGMI)
Know 5 Key positioning tips for success in BGMI game. (BGMI)

Positioning is a super important thing in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Whether you're fighting in big battles or trying to stay alive till the very end, bitter or otherwise, knowing where exactly to be can make you win. Let's check out five important tips to help you do better in BGMI and get more wins.

1. Switch between TPP and FPP

In BGMI, you have two views: TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective). TPP lets you peek around corners without showing yourself. It's good for spying on enemies safely. But, it's not so good for close fights. FPP is better for that because you can see enemies faster and deal with them better. Switch between these views as needed.

2. Don't Stand Out

A mistake many make is standing out like a sore thumb. Don't do that! Avoid being an easy target for snipers by staying near cover and using the land to hide. This makes you harder to spot from far away, giving you more time to fight or move.

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3. Teamwork is Key

When you're playing with a team, talking and working together is super important. While some teammates fight in front, others can sneak around the side or back to surprise the enemy. This messes up the enemy's plan and makes it tough for them to defend. Teamwork can get you more kills.

4. Trick the Enemy

If a teammate gets knocked down, use them as bait. Enemies might rush to you, thinking you're busy helping your friend. But instead, set up an ambush. Take them out one by one as they come. This gives your team a big advantage in the fight.

5. Predict Where They Go

As you get better in BGMI, work on guessing where the enemy will go. Watching and predicting are big parts of positioning. When you see an enemy moving between cover, aim and guess where they'll go next. Being ahead of the game can help you land important shots and win fights.

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First Published Date: 24 Sep, 06:36 IST