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Google Nest Audio: In pics

Nest Audio is the company's newest smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. This will be going on sale in India soon along side the Pixel 4A smartphone. Here's a closer look.

(1/8) Google's Nest Audio has launched in India alongside Pixel 4A, priced at 7,999.
(2/8) The Google Assistant-based smart speaker measures 12.4cm x 17.5cm x 7.8cm.
(3/8) It is 75% louder and it has 50% stronger bass than the original Google Home
(4/8) It features a 19mm tweeter and a 75mm mid-woofer.
(5/8) Nest Audio comes with a Media EQ feature that enables it to automatically tune itself to whatever users are listening to.
(6/8) Additionally, it has an Ambient IQ feature that lets Nest Audio also adjust the volume of Assistant, news, podcasts and audiobooks based on the background noise in users’ homes.
(7/8) There is a microphone disable button as well like what we have seen in previous Google Home products.
(8/8) Available in Chalk and Charcoal, the speaker has a mesh cloth coating and four LED indicators at the front. The top side has touch-enabled volume controllers too.
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