Google Maps’ timeline now shows movies you’ve seen

Google says it’s been offering the added functionality since February. Here’s what you need to know.

The website points out that the feature, which is the movie you’ve seen, is only visible to you.

Google Maps can now show which movie you have already seen. The extra functionality is available in Google Maps' Timeline feature where you can see your daily commute, transit time and distance, and places you've been.

According to AndroidPolice, Google already knows that you've visited a movie theatre. The company uses showtimes data and the time you spent there to detect which movie you've seen. This is pretty much how location-based services allow you to check in at a place.

The website points out that the feature, which is the movie you've seen, is only visible to you. Since Google Maps also relies on crowd-sourced data, you can always edit the feature or completely remove it from the timeline.

Google says the feature has been available to users since February this year. The website, however, noted the feature may have started to reach more users just recently.

"Starting February 2020, when visits to cinemas appear on your timeline, Google can use public showtimes to suggest which moves you might have seen. These are visible only to you and can be edited for deleted anytime," read the prompt from Google Maps.

The extra functionality of Google Maps doesn't really add anything useful but shows how elaborate your timeline could become over the next few months. Google Maps already asks users to help edit the locations it thinks they've visited.

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