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Monstrous Asteroid 1994 PC 1 is racing TOWARDS Earth! See NASA map here

The Asteroid 7482 1994 PC1 is racing towards Earth and is heading for its closest ever pass with our “pale blue dot”.
Updated on Jan 18 2022, 09:09 AM IST
Asteroid 1994 PC 1 is passing Earth at a very close distance. Check the asteroid tracker graph. (NASA Asteroid tracker)
Asteroid 1994 PC 1 is passing Earth at a very close distance. Check the asteroid tracker graph. (NASA Asteroid tracker)

In 18 hours from now, the monstrous Asteroid 7482 will come dangerously close to the Earth! Our “pale blue dot” keeps getting visitors from the asteroid belt every now and then from smaller rocks but this one is a different one. Measuring almost 1 kilometers in size, the asteroid is larger than the Burj Khalifa and twice the size of the Empire State Building. The consequences of such a large space rock hitting us will mean GAME OVER for Earthlings!

On NASA’s latest Asteroid tracker, you can now catch its journey through our solar system, and after greeting other planets from safer distances, it is going to kiss Earth. NASA says that the Asteroid 7482 will be passing within 1 million miles from the Earth, which is almost five lunar distances.

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And RED alert! The Asteroid 7482 1994 PC1 has just taken the diversion towards our planet and is ready to pay us a visit!

Asteroid 7482 takes the LAST right turn

For this approach!

However, do not worry yet. While its passing distance of only 1 million miles is too close for comfort, NASA says it isn’t going to harm us. In fact, it is said that this Asteroid 7482 1994 PC1 will never be on a collision course with the Earth. 2022 is the year when it comes closest to us for the next few hundreds of years. The next time it comes towards us, it will pass us at a farther distance.

Previously, this asteroid came this close to Earth on January 17, 1933 at 0.00752 AU but this was prior to the discovery of the space rick. Going forward, today’s pass for the Asteroid 7482 1994 PC1 will be closest for the next two centuries. However, the asteroid will again come this close to us on January 18, 2105 but the distance will over a million miles at 0.01556 AU.

If you have a telescope lying around, astronomers say you can starts hunting the sky for this cold space rock.

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First Published Date: 18 Jan, 09:08 AM IST