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Truke Air Buds Lite Review: Solid deal under Rs. 1500

If you are looking for an earphone with extraordinary battery life, good audio quality at an affordable rate, then the Truke Air Buds Lite is worth consideration. Read the full review here.
Updated on May 27 2022, 01:47 PM IST
Is Truke Air Buds Lite best buy for 1,399? Find it out here.
Is Truke Air Buds Lite best buy for 1,399? Find it out here.

An earphone with music and gaming mode and that too with an affordable price tag of just Rs. 1,399! Sounds attractive right? That's how I want to describe the Truke Air Buds Lite wireless earbuds. If you love playing games and listening to songs then Truke's Air Buds Lite can be a good choice for you.

Equipped with decent passive noise isolation, dedicated music and gaming mode, touch control, dual MEMS mic, IPX4 rating for water resistance, among others, Truke's Air Buds Lite sounds too tempting. But is it worth buying? What are the shortcomings?

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I have used the Air Buds Lite for over 2 weeks, and here is what I observed.

Truke Air Buds Lite: Design

Offered in two different colours- black and blue, Truke Air Buds Lite has got the stem style design and comes in a cuboid shaped charging case. The case has a plastic body that gives a matte look and is also pocket friendly. The logo and a sleek rectangular cut in front to enable opening the case easily, an indicator and a charging slot at bottom and a hinge at back completes the look of the charging case. I did not like the hinge quality much as the case fell once and the earbuds jumped out of the box.

Truke Air Buds Lite
Truke Air Buds Lite

Coming to the earbuds, it is easy to wear and fits comfortably into the ears. Also, I loved the connectivity of the earphones as it gets paired with the smartphone as soon as it is out of the charging case.

Truke Air Buds Lite: Audio Quality

It is difficult to rely on the audio quality of entry level true wireless earbuds. Similarly, my expectations for the same were also not too high with the Air Buds Lite. And to my surprise, the earbuds do provide a good sound quality and that too with clarity on both the minimum and the maximum volume. The air buds offer music and gaming modes. While listening to the songs in the music mode, I loved the clarity, there was no distortion even at loud volume. The soundstage leans towards a heavy low end and swollen mids; something most casual listeners would prefer, not audiophiles.

Truke Air Buds Lite
Truke Air Buds Lite

While coming to the gaming mode, it impressed me fairly. The earbuds were satisfactory with its latency and offered a good gaming experience. It can be noted that as per the company Air Buds Lite comes with 55ms low latency. Similarly, the audio quality while on calls was also good.

The earbuds offer passive noise isolation. The eartips seal the ear canal well and can oppose faint ambient noise. However, at crowded places or in traffic, loud voices were easily heard.

Truke Air Buds Lite
Truke Air Buds Lite

I like the in-ear sensor function offered by the earbuds -- while it was on, everytime I took the earbuds out of my ears, the songs paused and vice versa. However, to my disappointment the earphones do not feature volume level adjustment. You can control the volume only via your smartphone. Therefore, everytime I needed to increase or decrease the sound while on call or listening to music, I had to take out my phone for the same.

Truke Air Buds Lite: Sensor Control

The Air Buds Lite has touch patches located at the top of both the earplugs using which you can change music, control calls, Siri and Google Assistant, switch between modes and in-ear sensor function with simple touch gestures. The sensors are responsive and it was easy to control the music, switching between the music and gaming mode, answering and rejecting calls and other features offered.

Truke Air Buds Lite
Truke Air Buds Lite

However, while on call, adjusting the earbuds or even accidental touch led to disconnecting the call often.

Truke Air Buds Lite: Battery Life

Battery life on the Air Buds Lite is very impressive. No matter what mode you are using, the earbuds easily offer around 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. While on vigorous usage, I was able to extract around 4 days of battery life with the help of charging case. While with the normal usage, you can even go for a week without the need of charging the case. Both the earbuds and the case take around 1.5 hours to charge completely.

Truke Air Buds Lite
Truke Air Buds Lite

Truke Air Buds Lite: Verdict

I have loved the audio quality and battery stamina of Truke Air Buds Lite. For its asking price, the earbuds performance is commendable. The in-ear sensor function, gaming and music mode's effectiveness is something I liked. It also scores some nice points with regards to comfort and ease of use. That said, Truke could have given an option to control the volume on the earbuds as well. The design of Air Buds Lite is basic and those seeking a better look can look at alternative options, such as Redmi Earbuds 2C priced at around 1500. While considering the battery life, Truke's Air Buds Lite is worth buying for the price.

4.5 out of 5
INR 1,399/-
Product Name
Air Buds Lite
Brand Name
  • Affordable price
  • Battery life
  • Audio quality
  • Two modes- Music and Gaming
  • Sensor control
  • No volume control
  • Build Quality
  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker Driver
    10mm Dynamic
  • Water Resistance Rating
  • Charging Port
    USB-Type C

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First Published Date: 14 Jan, 07:47 AM IST