GTA 6 new details leaked: Complex carjacking mechanic, exciting vehicle thefts in upcoming game | Gaming News

GTA 6 new details leaked: Complex carjacking mechanic, exciting vehicle thefts in upcoming game

Leaks suggest GTA 6 will introduce a new carjacking system requiring specialised tools for high-end cars, making theft more complex and attracting NPC attention, potentially alerting the police.

| Updated on: Jun 15 2024, 12:04 IST
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GTA 6 new details leaked: Complex carjacking mechanic, exciting vehicle thefts in upcoming game
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GTA 6 new details leaked: Complex carjacking mechanic, exciting vehicle thefts in upcoming game
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GTA 6 new details leaked: Complex carjacking mechanic, exciting vehicle thefts in upcoming game
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Leaks suggest GTA 6 will introduce a complex carjacking feature requiring specialised tools for high-end vehicles. (Rockstar Games)

Leaks have suggested that GTA 6 may introduce a new carjacking feature, making vehicle theft more complex than in previous titles. Traditionally, Grand Theft Auto games have allowed players to break into cars, hotwire them, and drive off. However, leaks from September 2022 indicate that high-end cars will require specialised tools for theft.

These details emerged fromleaked gameplay videos and might not reflect the final game version. The Grand Theft Auto community has compiled these leaks into an online document titled 'The GTA VI Document', which outlines the new carjacking features.

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One of the key points, labelled 'Advanced Hijack Cars system', suggests that characters Jason and Lucia may face challenges when trying to steal luxury cars. These vehicles, equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, will need specific tools to unlock.

The document lists events related to car theft, such as:

  • Steal Car Full
  • Steal Car In Progress
  • Steal Car Fail

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Tools mentioned in the leaked videos include:

  • Immobilizer Bypass
  • Cut Off Tool
  • Slim Jim
  • Tracker Jammer
  • Crowbar
  • USB Drive
  • Auto Dialer

While simpler tools like the Slim Jim can unlock lower-end cars, more sophisticated devices such as the Immobilizer Bypass and Tracker Jammer are believed to be necessary for high-end vehicles.

This new system could make car theft more difficult compared to earlier versions, as stealing cars will attract attention from NPCs who may alert the police. Thus, carjacking in the State of Leonida will involve additional challenges. These potential changes to police and theft mechanics have yet to be confirmed by Rockstar Games. Players will have to wait for the official release of GTA 6 to see the final details.

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GTA 6 Trailer 2 Release date

In other news, speculation abounds regarding the release of the second trailer for GTA 6, with predictions suggesting a window between mid-November and early December 2024. This estimation draws from patterns observed in previous Rockstar Games releases. Despite the anticipation surrounding the trailer's release, concrete information remains scarce, leaving fans to rely onleaks, rumours, and conjecture until an official announcement emerges.

Experts within the gaming community point out that the delay in GTA 6's release to fall 2025 has facilitated more accurate predictions regarding the game's marketing timeline. Citing past releases like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which also debuted in the fall, analysts find a pattern that aids in speculating about GTA 6's marketing trajectory.

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First Published Date: 30 May, 11:03 IST