Wordle 299 answer for April 14: Get a high score on your Win-Streak, check Wordle hints and clues

Wordle 299 answer for April 14: Extend your streak, just check out these Wordle hints and clues. If you missed out on guessing it, check the answer as well.

| Updated on: Apr 14 2022, 14:43 IST
Wordle 299 answer for April 14: If you're stuck, check out these Wordle hints and clues to get to your solution easily. (Pixabay)
Wordle 299 answer for April 14: If you're stuck, check out these Wordle hints and clues to get to your solution easily. (Pixabay)

Wordle 299 answer for April 14: It has been 299 days since Wordle was first launched by Josh Wardle. The beautifully simple game has taken over the entire internet in less than a year. Impressed by its popularity, the New York Times decided to acquire it in December last year and that just bumped up its fame even further. Today, Wordle is regularly played and loved by millions of people around the globe. And with so many players, you would not want to miss out on guessing the right word. Especially with the 300th-day coming so close. And that is why we have prepared 5 Wordle hints and clues that will help you get to today's Wordle solution quickly.

We will first give you some general Wordle tips that will help you improve your overall game. Right beneath that, you can find Wordle hints and clues relating to today's answer. You can stop at any point you feel like you have enough information to guess the word. Although we have posted the Wordle 299 solution at the bottom, we recommend fair play and would insist that you give the game a fair shot instead of checking the solution directly. For those of you, who have failed to get the answer, scroll down and do check it to see if you were close to finding the answer, or not at all.

Wordle 299 general tips and tricks

Make sure to use vowel-heavy words for the first guess.

Eliminate your options by going for popular consonants in the next two attempts like S,T, R,L,M and N.

Remember about double letters. Always consider the possibility that one of the letters can be a double letter.

Think about the letter combinations. ER, NT, ST, ND usually go together.

Do not use a letter again if it has been eliminated. Take time, but think of unique words using the available letters.

These tips should give you a strong head start in not only today's Wordle but also in all the upcoming games. But, if you still feel unsure, check out our Wordle 299 hints below.

Wordle 299 hints for April 14

Today's word has two vowels.

The word begins with M.

The word ends with E.

The remaining vowel is I.

Biggest hint: It is a style of cutting used in the kitchen, especially for meat.

The biggest hint really gave the word away. We are certain if you calmly thought about the clues for a minute, you will easily get the final word. Go on and give it your best try. But if for some reason, you failed to find the right answer, check the Wordle 299 solution below.

Wordle 299 answer for April 14

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the Wordle 299 answer. However, if you are ready to check it, then take a look below.

Final warning. The answer to Wordle 299 is right after this sentence.

The word of the day is MINCE. It means “cut up or grind (food, especially meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades”. That's all for today. Check out this space tomorrow again for new Wordle hints and clues.

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First Published Date: 14 Apr, 08:00 IST