Always distracted by phone? Know how Forest app can boost productivity, cut mobile addiction | How-to

Always distracted by phone? Know how Forest app can boost productivity, cut mobile addiction

Know how you can increase focus and productivity with the help of the Forest app while reducing your mobile addiction.

| Updated on: Dec 27 2023, 10:50 IST
AI boost: 4 ways Copilot in Microsoft Teams improves meetings, hikes productivity
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1/5 Microsoft’s AI tool named Copilot has introduced various new features to Microsoft Teams since its launch. Over eight months duration, Copilot features have been beneficial to carrying out several business tasks and it improves the way we conduct meetings on Microsoft Teams. Know the four ways Copilot improves meetings in Teams. (Microsoft )
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2/5 To retain the meeting's privacy or confidentiality, Copilot will enable users to keep no transcript of the conversation after the meeting. It means that the meeting admin and organizers will have a "no transcription" option which will allow them to ask Copilot questions during the meeting, however, after the meeting is concluded, the no data interaction with the AI tools will be saved.  (Microsoft)
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3/5 Copilot’s compose box writing assistance will enable users to draft messages in chat, meeting chat or channel. Microsoft Teams users can utilize this feature to rewrite the message, adjust the tone to be casual, professional, and confident, or simply modify the message before you send it.  (Microsoft)
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4/5 Copilot in Microsoft Teams enables users to keep tabs on what's important in the Chat and channels. The tool simply filters information which will enable users to stay updated without reading through the whole chats. Copilot effortlessly highlights key decisions and open items from the long discussions. (Microsoft)
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5/5 Users can also ask  Copilot to highlight key information from a channel post-conversation. Giving simple prompts such as your task list or key discussion points can be asked and then the tool will summarize the information along with citations based on your prompts. (Microsoft)
Forest app
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Know how the Forest app helps users reduce mobile addiction, build focus and increase productivity. (Forest app)

In today's tech-dominated world, we are surrounded by too many electronic devices which often create distraction when we try to work, study or just sit in silence. Some actually suffer from what is known as mobile addiction. Now, we are so reliant on our smartphones that we check notifications every 5 to 10 minutes which sometimes gets addictive. Even when we do not receive any notifications, we have this constant urge to scroll through any social media app refraining us from focusing on crucial tasks such as office work or even our studies. But the important question one must ask is how do we deal with such distractions and increase our focus on work and productivity? Well, to help you get rid of your mobile addiction, we have found the Forest app which is designed to increase focus and works on improving individual productivity. Know more about the productivity app here and how it can benefit users.

What is the Forest app?

Forest is an app that encourages users to “stay focused, be present.” This app reduces your addiction to smartphones and enables you to focus on your important tasks such as working on a project, replying to mail, finishing a chapter of a novel, etc without getting distracted.

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The app enables users to set a timer for focus hours in which they will plant a virtual tree and it will grow into a tree if you do not open your smartphone all the time. The virtual tree will instantly die if you break the rules of the focus app. Growing virtual trees will enable users to earn coins as a reward for spending time away from their phones. The earned coins can later be used to plant trees in real-time.

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How Forest app benefit users?

  • The Forest app's intuitive interface and concept enable users to stay focused and be present in their crucial tasks by planting virtual trees. The tree grows based on the focus timer set by the users.
  • The app also comes with a “planting with friends or family” feature which enables users to set a group timer to stay focused. This way users can challenge each other and get most of their tasks done during the set hours.
  • The app also provides users with their progress and how many hours they stayed in focus mode by creating a whole forest with the grown tree. This concept keeps the users motivated and encourages them to stay focused.
  • The Forest app also reduces the urge to check your smartphone and social media app every few minutes which results in increased concentration and productivity.
  • The app also provides a means to track daily phone usage and reduce screen time which eventually results in increased productivity and users can stay more present with their work, friends and family.

If you are also looking for ways to get fewer distractions during working hours and give up your mobile addiction, then try out the Forest app and see how effective it is for you in terms of increasing focus and productivity. Also, note that the app comes with a free as well as a paid subscription version. So, choose the plans based on your requirements.

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First Published Date: 27 Dec, 10:50 IST