Beware! Hidden cameras found in Noida Hotel room of couple; Know 6 ways to stop this CRIME

In a shocking incident, 2 people were arrested after hidden cameras were found in a Noida hotel. This can happen to you! Know how to spot and stop this crime.

| Updated on: Oct 26 2022, 14:06 IST
Hidden camera
Hidden online cameras can be terrifying. Find out how to check for hidden cameras when staying in a hotel. (Unsplash)
Hidden camera
Hidden online cameras can be terrifying. Find out how to check for hidden cameras when staying in a hotel. (Unsplash)

In a shocking incident, two men have been arrested by Police in connection with hidden cameras in a Noida hotel. According to reports, the two men allegedly recorded intimate moments of a couple staying in the hotel room and then tried to extort money by threatening to release the video. Police have revealed that the two accused would book hotel rooms and place cameras in the room. The next occupants would get recorded and they would recover the cameras later. And the creepy truth is that this is not an isolated event. Such incidents happen repeatedly and many times they are not even caught. If you are planning to stay in a hotel anytime soon, then you should definitely make sure such unpleasant situations do not occur with you. But how will you know if there is a hidden camera inside your hotel room? Read on to find out.

How to detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms

A hotel room is not a large space and neither is it filled with furniture and stuff. That means there is a very limited space where a hidden camera can actually be in. When you first enter your room, you should take out fifteen minutes of your time and search in the likely spaces where a secret camera can be.

But there is one more problem with finding hidden cameras. As the name suggests, they are not some big video cameras that can be spotted easily. They are often tiny lenses hidden inside an inconspicuous object. Even if you are holding that object, chances are you may not see the lens. But there are ways to detect it, and you do not need a professional camera detector. The best way is to turn off all the lights and then use the flashlight on your smartphone. Lenses are reflective and if you see anything reflecting light back, that's your culprit. Further, usually these cameras are connected to a server since they do not have space to hold the recording. You can check the WiFi network for any such suspicious devices as well.

Now that being said, let us take a look at the spots you should definitely look at.

  1. False ceilings are a common place to hide cameras. Because of their position and how they are built, hiding a camera is very easy while giving it the access of the entire room. Make sure to check that.
  2. Any bedside object is also a common place to hide cameras. If you have a reading lamp, speakers, flower pots or such, always look at them to know if something is kept inside them.
  3. Another spot is TV and set-top box. Because they are placed in a way that they face the bed, it is a common spot for criminals to place hidden cameras. Make sure to inspect it.
  4. While you're at it, air conditioners, power sockets and plugs and even smoke detectors can contain them. Check them carefully with a flashlight.
  5. In the bathroom, sometimes cameras are hidden behind a mirror. You never want to be in a room with a two way mirror. So, if you're suspicious, put your finger to the mirror. If there is some space between your finger and the reflection, you're safe. But if there is none, then you might be spied upon.
  6. Also make sure to check the towel and dryer holder and faucets. Finally, take a look at the door knob as well as the keyhole.

Remember, this might be a little hectic, but there is no price for your privacy and safety.

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First Published Date: 26 Oct, 14:04 IST