BGMI tips and tricks: Know how to boost your Kill/Death ratio and play like a pro

BGMI tips and tricks: The K/D ratio (Kill/Death) ratio is an important in-game statistic to determine how skilled a player really is. Improve the ratio with these easy steps.

| Updated on: Jul 01 2023, 18:51 IST
BGMI tips and tricks: These simple steps will ensure you’re eliminating a large number of players in every game you play. (BGMI)
BGMI tips and tricks: These simple steps will ensure you’re eliminating a large number of players in every game you play. (BGMI)

If you are someone who takes their gaming seriously and aspires to become either a BGMI streamer on YouTube or Twitch or play various BGMI tournaments, then you must focus on improving your skillset in the game. That means when you play the game, you cannot be passive and hide in safe areas just to make it to the final zone. You also have to actively look for other players and eliminate them to have a high kill-to-death (K/D) ratio. The game shows this ratio for every player within the game and it is generally accepted that the higher the ratio, the better a player is. Especially, in the higher-ranking zones, where all players are highly skilled. And if you are someone who is just starting out but wants to keep a high K/D ratio, then these BGMI tips and tricks will help you in doing so.

BGMI tips and tricks: How to keep your K/D ratio high

First, if you aren't aware of K/D ratio, it is basically a ratio between the number of players you have eliminated vs the number of times you have been eliminated. So, for example, if you have eliminated 4 players and have been eliminated twice in two games, then your K/D ratio is 2.

Now, let us take a look at some tips to boost your K/D ratio.

1. When starting out try to kill as many bots as possible: BGMI adds bots to the game at the lower ranking levels. This is done to help you understand the game as well as work on your shooting skills. As everyone knows, killing bots is quite easy. So, play as aggressively as possible and get your K/D ratio as high as you can.

2. Work on your aim: One important tip is that you should never rely on the gyroscope and always use your thumbs to aim. This will help you as the game gets more competitive. Also, you should always try to swipe down while you shoot to avoid the effect of recoil.

3. Find your playstyle: While this will not directly impact your K/D, it will help you understand the role that suits you and accordingly let you shape your playstyle. So, if you are someone who is more comfortable in ambushing and close-range combats, you should be picking SMGs and assault rifles more and if you prefer to snipe, then you should focus on the sniper playstyle. This will help you get more kills quickly as you will not be trying to do all of them together.

4. Pick the right weapon: While M416 is regarded as an elite weapon, it may not be the perfect one for you. Try to find the weapon you perform the best with, and then go to the training ground to improve your mastery over that weapon.

5. Customize the sensitivity control: The default sensitivity controls can feel a little sluggish once you reach around 20-30 hours in the game. After that, you should increase the sensitivity as it will allow you to move faster and unload your weapon quicker, giving you that edge to eliminate your enemy first.

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First Published Date: 01 Jul, 18:44 IST