Efficient home cooling: 10 Tech tips to lower energy bills and beat summer heat waves | How-to

Efficient home cooling: 10 Tech tips to lower energy bills and beat summer heat waves

Know 10 tech tips to lower energy bills and beat summer heat. From smart thermostats to LED lighting, discover cost-effective solutions.

| Updated on: May 26 2024, 20:00 IST
Top 5 Smart Home Tips: Smart plugs, sensors, appliances for modern homes
10 Tech tips to lower energy bills and beat summer heat waves
1/6 In the quest for a futuristic, energy-efficient home, today's smart devices pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. While the ultimate vision may still be on the horizon, the increasing sophistication of smart home communication protocols brings us closer to that dream. (Pexels)
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2/6 Utilise Smart Plugs:  Harness the power of smart plugs to effortlessly trim your energy usage. These devices not only convert your conventional appliances into smart ones but also provide a convenient solution to remotely manage energy consumption. Whether dimming lights during holidays or shutting off forgotten devices, smart plugs offer seamless control, with some models like the Eve Energy plug even monitoring energy usage for informed decisions. (Pexels)
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3/6 Employ Smart Sensors: Embrace the efficiency of smart sensors to revolutionise your energy management. Whether activating devices on room entry or regulating air quality with automated fans and purifiers, smart sensors offer versatile solutions. With a plethora of sensor options compatible with various smart home ecosystems, addressing concerns such as water wastage with devices like the Moen Flo smart water leak detector is within reach. (Pexels)
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4/6 Switch to Smart Bulbs and Lights: Illuminate your home intelligently with smart lights and bulbs, enabling direct control via your smartphone or smart speaker. While offering convenience, it's essential to note their constant power consumption akin to standby devices. (Pexels)
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5/6 Invest in Smart Appliances: Unlock the potential of energy-conscious smart appliances, despite the initial investment. Brands like Samsung offer a range of innovative features alongside high energy efficiency, from recipe-assisting fridges to display-laden washing machines, promising significant long-term gains. (Pexels)
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6/6 Regulate with Smart Thermostats: Though more complex to install, smart thermostats offer substantial energy savings. With remote control capabilities, they enable efficient heating and cooling management, potentially reducing wasted energy by up to 8%. This translates to significant cost savings and enhanced comfort, particularly for those with fluctuating schedules or extended absences from home. (Pexels)
10 Tech tips to lower energy bills and beat summer heat waves
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Discover 10 easy ways to save energy and stay cool during summer while cutting electricity bills. (Pexels)

As temperatures rise during the summer, households are challenged with staying cool and managing increasing electricity bills. High energy consumption in the hottest months can strain budgets and impact carbon footprints. However, modern technology provides solutions to help keep homes comfortable and energy-efficient. By integrating smart devices, energy-saving practices, and home management systems, it is possible to reduce electricity usage and costs. Here we will give you some tech tips to help manage heat waves and lower energy bills, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective summer.

10 Tech Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills and Manage Summer Heat

1. Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats offer efficient climate control by learning schedules and preferences, optimising temperature settings for energy savings.


  • Remote control via smartphone.
  • Automatic scheduling based on daily routines.
  • Energy reports with usage insights and improvement tips.
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2. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

Modern air conditioners with high SEER ratings and ENERGY STAR certification use less energy while providing optimal cooling.

Features to Look For:

  • Inverter technology for better energy efficiency.
  • Smart connectivity for control and monitoring via mobile apps.
  • Eco mode to reduce power consumption.

3. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans enhance air circulation, distributing cool air evenly and allowing higher thermostat settings while maintaining comfort.

Tips for Use:

  • Set fan blades to spin counterclockwise in summer.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR-rated models for lower energy use.

4. Install Smart Blinds and Curtains

Smart blinds and curtains automatically adjust to block out heat during peak sunlight hours, keeping homes cooler naturally.


  • Automation for scheduled closure during hot parts of the day.
  • Remote operation via smartphone apps.
  • Reduces need for air conditioning.

5. Switch to LED Lighting

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and emit less heat, helping keep homes cooler.


  • Lower heat emission compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • Use up to 75% less energy.
  • Longer lifespan, reducing replacement costs.

6. Use Home Energy Management Systems

Home energy management systems monitor energy consumption, helping identify and eliminate waste.


  • Real-time monitoring of energy use.
  • Automated controls to optimise energy usage.
  • Alerts for unusual energy consumption spikes.

7. Invest in Solar Panels

Solar panels harness renewable energy from the sun, offering a sustainable and cost-effective way to reduce electricity bills.


  • High upfront investment with substantial long-term savings.
  • Potential rebates and tax credits for installation.
  • Minimal maintenance with periodic cleaning.

8. Use Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips eliminate phantom loads - electricity consumed by devices when not in use but still plugged in.


  • Automatic shut-off for devices in standby mode.
  • Remote control of power strips via smartphone.
  • Reduces unnecessary energy consumption.

9. Optimise Appliance Use

Using appliances efficiently can significantly reduce energy consumption.


  • Wash clothes in cold water and air-dry when possible.
  • Use a microwave or toaster oven instead of a conventional oven.
  • Run full dishwasher loads and use energy-saving modes.

10. Maintain Your HVAC System

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures efficient operation, saving energy and reducing cooling costs.

Steps to Take:

  • Replace air filters regularly.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Schedule annual maintenance with a professional technician.

In short, managing heat waves does not have to result in high electricity bills. By adopting these tech tips, you can maintain a comfortable home environment while keeping energy costs in check. 

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First Published Date: 26 May, 20:00 IST