iPhone secret! This HIDDEN feature is the best thing ever!

Use the iPhone secret button, it can do wonders for you. Here is how to

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:46 IST
iPhone 13
iPhone secret button will work on iOS 14 or iOS 15. (Shweta Ganjoo/HT Tech)
iPhone 13
iPhone secret button will work on iOS 14 or iOS 15. (Shweta Ganjoo/HT Tech)

The modern smartphone is a tech marvel and the iPhone is on top of the premium phone hierarchy. While buyers of iPhones do get to know a lot about their pricey handsets, there are always things that remain secret. Among one such iPhone secret is a smart button that can override everything and really give you a one-click access to a number of features. You don't even have to look at it to click on it after a few days of using it. This iPhone secret feature was rolled out way back in 2020, but it remains hidden and has to be enabled before it can work for you. So, if you haven't used it yet, then you are missing out on taking huge advantage from your iPhone feature. The iPhone secret feature is incorporated virtually right under your nose - the secret button is in your Apple logo at the back of your iPhone. Yes, this secret feature is hidden in your Apple logo and it is known as 'Back Tap'.

As the name suggests, you just need to tap the Apple icon on your iPhone and it will do its magic for you. The secret tap feature on your iPhone Apple logo can do almost everything that is there. In short, it gives you extreme control over your iPhone. So, first of all, the iPhone secret button is activated by touching the back of the phone two or three times in the same place as the Apple logo.

From opening apps, taking pictures, turning your torch on, asking Siri to perform your work and more. This Apple logo back tap feature can do wonders for you. It's actually not just one secret button, but two. By double tap and triple tap, you can actually use it for two separate functions. But this feature doesn't come with your iPhone as a default, you will need to activate it by going into the settings.

Once you have set up Back Tap, it's really simple to use. You don't have to press the logo, simply double or triple tap it with your finger, and the shortcut will begin immediately. Though, you need to note that your iPhone should have iOS 14 or iOS 15 software to enable this secret feature. When coupled with Apple's Shortcuts app, which allows for the detailed automated processes, this feature can become more effective. Within the app, you can create a new shortcut and then assign a motion to it. Here's how to activate the secret button on Apple Logo.

How to activate your iPhone secret button

Step 1:

Go to the Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Then tap on the Accessibility option. 

Step 3:

Under this, click on Touch.

Step 4:

At the bottom, click on the Back Tap option.  

Step 5:

Then tap on Double Tap and select the shortcut you want your double on the Apple Logo to do. 

Step 6:

Now again click  on Back Tap at the top of your screen to move to the other option. 

Step 7:

Similarly, go to the Triple Tap option and set the shortcut.

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First Published Date: 31 Jan, 14:21 IST