Struggling to get a job? Here are 5 ‘AI hacks’ you must consider to make a strong CV | How-to

Struggling to get a job? Here are 5 ‘AI hacks’ you must consider to make a strong CV

AI has often been associated with job loss and replacing humans, but if you tap its potential wisely, it can even increase your chances of securing a good job. Here are five hacks that can assist you in doing so.

| Updated on: Jun 25 2024, 07:40 IST
AI tools can be of great help if you know what you are working with.
AI tools can be of great help if you know what you are working with. (Pexels)

Applying to jobs and eventually landing roles isn't the quickest or most enjoyable process. Not only do you have to write and go through multiple emails, calls, and more, but you also need to be creative with your communication. After all, it's one thing that can either make it or break it. That said, while the process isn't necessarily going to change much as we venture further into this decade, there's one thing that can help make it easier and more efficient: Generative AI.

Using AI tools can help you stand out from the pack. Not only can they assist with language if that's not your strong suit, but they can also save you time and effort. Let's take a look at some AI tools and their use cases that every job seeker should know about.

Hack 1: ChatGPT - Cover Letters Aren't a Pain to Write Anymore

There's no way you haven't heard of ChatGPT—it's everywhere. Apple is going to implement it in their devices, college students are using it for assignments, and more. But what if we told you that using it to help write cover letters is another use case that can benefit you massively? Don't get us wrong; we're not suggesting you have ChatGPT write the entire cover letter. Instead, prepare a narrative yourself, get the details right, and then ask ChatGPT to refine it, check for grammar errors, and perhaps add something meaningful.

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The key here is to be creative and detailed with your prompts. If you're applying for a Software Developer position at a FAANG company, guide ChatGPT to highlight your relevant strengths, prioritise key details, and more.

Once done, make sure to proofread it, check for unconventional language, and only then send it across.

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Hack 2: Prepare for Interviews Using ChatGPT Voice

No matter how many interviews you've had, each new one can be challenging and nerve-wracking. Since integrating GPT-40, ChatGPT's voice tool has become even more fluid and natural-sounding. You can download the ChatGPT app on your phone, go to the voice section, and simulate an interview scenario with ChatGPT acting as an interviewer from the company you've applied to. Specify the role and ask it to pose relevant questions. We've tried this and can confirm it's an effective practice method. Moreover, ChatGPT can throw real curveballs and delve deeply into specific topics, mimicking real-life situations—a must-use for any job seeker.

Hack 3: Use Meta AI to Quiz You on a Topic

Meta AI is now officially available in India. One significant use case is quizzing yourself on a particular topic. For instance, if you know a tech giant's interview will focus on Python, ask Meta to prepare multiple-choice questions to quiz and prepare you. Additionally, you can use Meta AI for traditional research to further prepare.

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Hack 4: Use Google's AI Prowess to Summarise Emails

We understand—once you start applying for jobs, your inbox fills with acknowledgments and replies, some favorable, some not. Sorting through them takes considerable time. Fortunately, Gmail now offers a built-in email summariser that can condense your emails, enabling quicker information processing. This feature saves significant time when managing multiple emails at once.

However, remember to read important emails fully to ensure you don't miss crucial details.

Hack 5: Use Microsoft Copilot App for Self-Branding

Ever wondered what sets good candidates apart from the best? It's branding, whether on resumes or social media. Tools like Copilot can generate images based on text prompts—be it a cartoony caricature for social media or an element for your CV. The possibilities to create images using generative AI are endless, but remember: a well-crafted prompt ensures the best results.

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