WhatsApp tips: How to manage storage on your phone

Free up extra space taken up by WhatsApp storage by using these tips. It will simply awe you with its benefits.

| Updated on: Oct 23 2023, 14:33 IST
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WhatsApp tips
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6/6 WATI: It is an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that enables companies to automate business communication using chatbots and other cutting-edge technology. A shared inbox is one such unique solution that enables companies to respond to client inquiries instantly and improve client engagement. (Bloomberg)
WhatsApp tips
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With this WhatsApp tip, you can disable Auto-Downloads in order to stop downloading large files. (Unsplash)

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has become an indispensable tool for online communication. It offers a convenient alternative to traditional text messaging. However, if you've noticed that WhatsApp is taking up a significant portion of your phone's storage, it's time to take action. Read here to know why WhatsApp consumes so much space and follow the steps below to optimize its storage usage. These WhatsApp tips will astound you with their ability to make room on your phone.

1. Turn On Disappearing Messages

Meta introduced disappearing messages to WhatsApp as a feature in 2020. It allows users to set a default timer for when messages automatically vanish. This not only enhances privacy but also helps manage storage space more effectively. Here's how to enable disappearing messages:

1-Find the option in the "Manage Storage" section of WhatsApp's settings by navigating to "You > Storage and Data" on an iPhone or "Settings > Storage and Data" on Android.

2-Tap "Turn On Disappearing Messages" and choose the "Default Message Timer" to set the countdown for message disappearance.

3-For a more selective approach, tap "Apply Timer to Chats" to choose specific chats for disappearing messages.

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2- Disable Auto-Downloads

By default, WhatsApp is set to automatically download media files when you're connected to Wi-Fi. While this feature can be convenient, it can quickly clutter your device, especially if you're part of active group chats. To reclaim storage space, follow these steps on both iPhone and Android:

On iPhone:

Open WhatsApp and tap "You" in the bottom-right corner.

Select "Storage and Data" and scroll to the "Media Auto-Download" section.

Tap each media type and choose "Never." You can also opt for "Wi-Fi only" for audio.

On Android:

1-Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots in the top-right corner.

2-Choose "Settings," select "Storage and data," and go to the "Media auto-download" section.

3-Toggle off all media types for mobile data and Wi-Fi as desired.

Disabling auto-downloads gives you better control over what gets saved on your device.

3- Delete WhatsApp Media Files

Once you've turned off auto-downloads, it's time to clean up your existing media files. You can delete unnecessary photos and videos either from your phone's gallery or within the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp has a built-in media manager that makes this process straightforward:

1-In WhatsApp's settings, go to "Storage and Data" and select "Manage Storage."

2-Use the "Review and Delete Items" section to identify media files larger than 5 MB and delete those you no longer need.

3-Scroll down to the "Chats and Channels" section to view your chats sorted by their storage usage.

4-Select any chat to delete specific media files on a chat-by-chat basis.

5-Whether you're using an iPhone or Android, the "Manage Storage" page is your key to decluttering WhatsApp.

By implementing these measures, you can keep your WhatsApp storage in check and avoid running out of space on your device.

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First Published Date: 23 Oct, 14:23 IST