Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: Solution, hints, clues: Beware of Wordle’s trickery!

Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: Do not take today’s Wordle lightly. It is quite a tricky word to figure out. But if you’re stuck, our hints and clues will surely guide you in the right direction.

| Updated on: Mar 25 2022, 13:36 IST
Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: Don’t get stuck in the Wordle puzzle. Solve it with ease using our hints and clues. (REUTERS)
Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: Don’t get stuck in the Wordle puzzle. Solve it with ease using our hints and clues. (REUTERS)

Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: In the past few days, we had been wondering why the difficulty level of Wordle was toned down with all the easy words it was throwing our way. But today, Wordle is back to its usual self with another trick-ridden answer to find. Now, in all fairness, the word is a commonly used English word, but to guess it purely by guessing the letters will be a challenge because not only does it use a less frequently used alphabet, but the arrangement also leads to confusion. But keep your chin up. If you are struggling with today's Wordle, check out our Wordle hints and clues below. Find the Wordle solution today too in case you miss out.

We understand that social media bragging points are important. And nobody really wants to let go of their streak just because they were not able to guess that one final alphabet. And that is why we painstakingly put together Wordle hints and clues every day so your streak can keep growing. We have also added the solution to today's Wordle at the end, but we would strongly recommend not to check it before giving the game a fair shot. If you unfortunately were not able to guess the word, you can definitely check it out and try again tomorrow, but do not take a peek first - it takes the fun out of the game.

Wordle #279

Before we help you with the Wordle answer and hints, let us quickly explain the gameplay for those who haven't yet tried the game. You get six attempts to find a secret 5-letter word of the day. Every time you make an attempt, you get the letters highlighted in green, yellow or gray indicating whether the letter is in the right position, wrong position or not included in the word. With that being said, let us move on to the Wordle hints and clues.

Wordle hints, clues and solution for March 25

Step 1:

Wordle 279 hints for March 25, 2022: Today’s word has two vowels. The word begins with D.

Step 2:

Wordle 279 clues: The word of the day does not have either A, I or U.

Step 3:

Final hint for Wordle 279:  The word ends with T. The first vowel is E.

Step 4:

That’s it. Those were all the hints for you. SPOILER WARNING. If you go any further, you will find the answer to today’s Wordle. Stop here to try and beat the game with the hints provided. Use this link to play the game: https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html

Step 5:

Wordle 279 answer for March 25, 2022: If you were not able to guess the right answer, don’t worry, here it is. The Wordle 279 answer is DEPOT. 

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First Published Date: 25 Mar, 13:36 IST
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