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    Smartphones are a joy to have. They have become some of the most critically important gadgets that everyone needs in order to carry on a profession, keep in touch with family and friends or even for entertainment purposes. Therefore, the task of identifying and picking a smartphone that suits personal needs is crucially important.Here, you can At HT Tech, we understand ... that need of mobile phone users and want to turn this into a happy and fullfilling experience. The process of researching, picking and identifying a smartphone is no easy task, with several new models released by manufacturers every few weeks packing all kinds of specs and features. However, the HT Tech mobile phone picker tool will help you choose the best possible handset by allowing you to choose from a wide range of specifications and designs from most brands available in the market. Importantly, you will be able to narrow down choices based on what you need from your next device, whether it is a powerful performance, great cameras, reliable battery life and fast network connectivity.

    Apart from our large collection of smartphone reviews that you can access on HT Tech website, you can make use of our handy mobile selection tool to help point you in the right direction, whether you're picking your next gaming phone, a phone with a large battery for a friend who makes a lot of calls, a phone for someone who surfs the net a lot that requires a powerful processor, or a device for an elderly person to stream their favourite videos and content -- our mobile selection tool will help you pick the perfect device based on your needs.

    Price: No matter who you are, there is always a budget involved. How much are you willing to spend on your mobile phone? This is an important consideration for anyone buying a smartphone. HT Tech tool allows you to shift the slider to set the minimum and maximum amount you plan to spend on a device, or set these values manually, to see relevant models within your budget.

    Processor: This is one of the most important components of a smartphone, and picking the right one is essential to ensure a great performance. You can narrow down your choices based on the clock speed or the number of cores included in the device.

    Hint: If you are a gamer, you will need to pick a mobile phone processor with higher clock speeds.

    Cameras: Smartphone cameras are getting better every day, gone are the days when you had to manually change settings to get a good photograph. But even today, there are far too many options. Therefore, we can help you choose from single camera mobile phones like the Pixel, to dual, triple or quad cameras -- or pick based on the camera's resolution instead. Do not forget that selfie cameras are the rage today and you would like to know about them too.

    Screen size: Five years ago, a five inch screen was considered extremely large, but smartphone screens are only getting bigger. If you want a foldable screen, a clamshell display, an AMOLED screen, or LCD - you can pick the type of screen as well as the size of the display you want, based on your requirements.

    Network: Connectivity: This is an important consideration while choosing a mobile phone. Does it support the latest Wi-Fi connectivity standard so that it works on your new router? Some smartphones come with 4G connectivity, while newer models also support 5G networks. Does the device support dual SIM connectivity? You can narrow down your choices based on these specifications too.

    Operating system: While you are focused on the hardware, do not forget the importance of the software. Do you want a mobile phone that runs Android or iOS? What version of Android does it run on? You may want to pick a device that comes with the latest version of Android, as some devices only get one Android version update.

    RAM: While picking a smartphone for gamers, or those who have heavy duty tasks to perform, it is important to ensure that there is enough memory. Perhaps you multitask a lot, which means you will need at least 4GB of RAM on your phone. Most capable phones these days come with 6GB, 8GB and 12 GB of RAM - you can accordingly choose from various RAM configurations.

    Battery capacity: No one likes to charge their mobile phone too many times a day, so selecting a device with enough battery capacity is essential to avoid the headache of carrying your charger everywhere. There are devices with small batteries like the iPhone 12 Mini and massive batteries like the 7000mAh Samsung Galaxy M51. You can pick the range you want by using a slider or enter the values yourself on HT Tech tool.

    Storage: Are you always running out of storage space on your current smartphone? You might want to make sure your next smartphone has at least 128GB of storage. Or perhaps you want a device that supports expandable storage via a microSD card that can be inserted into the device. Does it support connecting a thumb drive or a mouse via USB-OTG (On The Go) functionality? Well, you can filter devices that match your needs here too.

    Brand/Manufacturer: With so many smartphones offering similar features and specifications, the number of options can be overwhelming. In fact, everyone has a favourite mobile phone brand and they like to pick the same one depending on how good an experience they have had with their previous phone. HT Tech allows choices to be narrowed down so that only a specific brand or a handful of brands are seen by users.

    Availability: Perhaps you are simply browsing through for research purposes, or want to look at current mobile phones in order to make a decision in the future. You can always sift through the various models and find out if they are currently available, or have been announced but not yet launched
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    Smartphones are a joy to have. They have become some of the most critically important gadgets that everyone needs in order ... Read More

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