220-foot asteroid on way to Earth, says NASA; gigantic rock speeding at a fiery 62296 kmph | Tech News

220-foot asteroid on way to Earth, says NASA; gigantic rock speeding at a fiery 62296 kmph

A potentially hazardous, gigantic 220-foot asteroid named 2022 WP11 is all set to make its closest approach to Earth, NASA warned.

| Updated on: Dec 08 2022, 23:34 IST
From 393 feet to 29 feet long asteroids; 5 space rocks set for close approaches with Earth
1/5 Asteroid 2022 WO10 - NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has red-flagged an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 WO10 due to its extremely close approach to the planet. The 29-foot asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth today, December 8 at a distance of 1.9 million kilometers per hour and is already on its way travelling at a speed of nearly 17108 kilometers per hour, which is more than the speed of a hypersonic ballistic missile! (Pixabay)
2/5 Asteroid 2022 WP11 - An asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 WP11, is on its way towards Earth and will make a close approach tomorrow, December 9. What’s shocking is that the asteroid is humongous, with a width between 180 feet and 393 feet! The Asteroid 2022 WP11 is expected to make its closest approach to the planet at a distance of 4.5 million kilometers at a speed of 62352 kilometers per hour, as per NASA. (Pixabay)
3/5 Asteroid 2022 XJ – This asteroid, with a size ranging between 39 feet and 91 feet, will make its close trip to Earth tomorrow, December 9, at a distance of nearly 2.6 million kilometers. The asteroid, known as Asteroid 2022 XJ, is already rushing towards Earth, travelling at a speed of 36605 kilometers per hour. (Pixabay)
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4/5 Asteroid 2022 WW – Another asteroid named Asteroid 2022 WW is heading for Earth and will make a close approach on December 10. This asteroid, with a size between 75 feet and 167 feet, is heading for Earth at a blistering speed of 22177 kilometers per hour. It will miss Earth at a distance of 7.3 million kilometers. (Pixabay)
5/5 Asteroid 2019 XY – This week’s fifth asteroid, with a size ranging between 22 feet and 52 feet, is named Asteroid 2019 XY and will be making its closest Earth approach on December 10. It will come as close as 804,170 kilometers, according to the information provided by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The asteroid is also moving at a mind-numbing speed of 46387 kilometer per hour. (Pixabay)
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A 220-foot asteroid is to come extremely close to Earth tomorrow. NASA says it is hazardous for Earth. (WikiMedia Commons)

Do you know that asteroids are also called planetoids? While some asteroids may be small at just a few feet, others are as big as hundreds of kilometres. These asteroids revolving around the sun are too small to be called planets hence, these are known as planetoids or minor planets. However, despite this, these asteroids can be dangerous to Earth, just like the Chicxulub asteroid, which ended the era of dinosaurs. It was said to be a 100 million-megaton blast that devastated the Gulf of Mexico region. Hence, to detect the terror of these asteroids in advance, NASA and its tech keep constant track of all upcoming ones that come too close for comfort.

NASA has warned that a gigantic 220-foot wide asteroid will pass by the Earth tomorrow, December 9. According to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this Near-Earth object has been named Asteroid 2022 WP11 which is estimated to be up to 220-foot (67 meters) in diameter. According to the report, it will make its closest approach to Earth at just 2.82 million miles and it will be traveling at a fiery speed of 62296 km per hour (or 17.30 km per second.) Does it pose any threat to the Earth? Here's what NASA revealed about this hazardous asteroid.

Asteroid 2022 WP11 danger

According to NASA, an asteroid that approaches the Earth within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers) and has a size larger than about 150 meters, is termed a potentially hazardous asteroid. Hence, Asteroid 2022 WP11 with a 220-foot diameter is not a potential threat to the Earth due to its size, but its close approach can pose potential danger. A 220-foot asteroid can do great damage on Earth if it were to collide. And yes, asteroids do collide with Earth as did the one recently discovered asteroid that was burned over the sky of Ontario, Canada. It may have rainde down some meteorites there.

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Apart from this, there is another one, asteroid 2022 XJ, which measures just 51-foot in size that will make an uncomfortably close approach of 1.63 million miles to Earth tomorrow.

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First Published Date: 08 Dec, 23:34 IST