5 ways ChatGPT can assist customer care professionals in getting faster, and effective resolutions

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT can massively, and positively, impact the customer care industry. Here are the 5 ways it can result in faster turnaround times for customer care professionals.

| Updated on: Nov 21 2023, 21:58 IST
ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way customer care workers interact with customers. Here are 5 ways it can transform customer care. (AFP)
ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way customer care workers interact with customers. Here are 5 ways it can transform customer care. (AFP)

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), ever since it exploded into the mainstream, has been impacting a large number of industries. The most prominent of them all is the customer care industry. While it was initially said that ChatGPT would end up taking these jobs away from actual employees, the current trend highlights that the most effective model is AI-assisted customer care. According to a survey by Userlike, nearly 80 percent of users want chatbots to eventually provide the option to transfer to a human support representative. So, what exactly is the best way to incorporate AI chatbots like ChatGPT in the customer care space? Know these 5 effective ways.

How ChatGPT can help customer care professionals

1. Automated responses: ChatGPT can be used to automate routine and repetitive tasks in customer care, such as handling frequently asked questions, providing standard responses, and routing queries to the appropriate department or agent. This automation allows customer care workers to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

2. 24/7 availability: Unlike human agents who need breaks and sleep, ChatGPT can operate 24/7, providing continuous support to customers in different time zones. This ensures that customers can receive assistance at any time, leading to improved satisfaction and responsiveness.

3. Quick and consistent information retrieval: ChatGPT can help in retrieving information from vast amounts of data quickly. Customer care workers can use ChatGPT as a powerful tool to fetch accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring that customers receive consistent responses regardless of the agent they interact with. This helps in maintaining a unified and reliable customer service experience.

4. Language support and multilingual communication: ChatGPT can be employed to offer support in multiple languages without the need for hiring a large team of multilingual agents. This is particularly beneficial for global businesses with diverse customer bases, as it ensures that customers can communicate in their preferred language, leading to improved communication and understanding.

5. Enhanced training and knowledge transfer: ChatGPT can assist in training new customer care workers by providing simulated scenarios, role-playing, and answering questions related to company policies and procedures. Additionally, it can act as a knowledge repository, helping agents quickly access information, troubleshoot issues, and stay updated on product or service updates. This accelerates the onboarding process and promotes ongoing learning.

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First Published Date: 21 Nov, 21:57 IST