Apple Watch to get updated Activity rings in kids mode

Apple Watch will get a new kids mode later this year, which would allow parents to control their kids’ watch from their iPhones.

These features are likely to be included in WatchOS 7.
These features are likely to be included in WatchOS 7. (REUTERS)

Apple Watch is due for major upgrades this year. Reports in the past couple of weeks have hinted that the Watch Series 6 will come with a feature that will allow users to measure EKG by placing their fingers on the crown of the watch. Now a new report provides us details about another feature that is likely to be available as a part of WatchOS 7.

According to a report by 9To5 Mac, Apple will be adding a special Kids and SchoolTime modes to the WatchOS 7. While the former will allow parents to control the Apple Watches of their kids, the latter will allow parents to control which apps can create a distraction during certain time periods. Now, a separate report by the publication states that Apple Watch will also gain updated rings in the Kids mode.

To give you some context, rings in the Apple Watch are aimed at tracking the fitness and health levels of a user. While the Red ring tracks the calories burnt, the Blue rings tracks the total time spent in doing various exercises. The Blue ring, on the other hand, tracks different hours with 'stand or wheelchair movement'.

In the Kids mode, the Red ring will track the total move time. Simply said, it will show that a kid has spent 1 hour in being active as against the total number of calories burnt, which in turn would help parents encourage their kids to be more active.

This feature is expected to be rolled out later this year.