Asteroid Triple threat for Earth today: NASA says a trio of Dangerous asteroids approaching

NASA has revealed an asteroid threat to Earth. US agency says three big asteroids are heading towards Earth today.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:09 IST
Earth will have three scary asteroids visiting today; NASA reveals details. (Pixabay)
Earth will have three scary asteroids visiting today; NASA reveals details. (Pixabay)

A scary event is going to happen today! Not one or two, but three asteroids are headed towards the Earth. According to NASA, three big asteroids will be making close passes by our home planet on March 29. After nearly half-a-dozen asteroids passed very near Earth recently, this comes as yet another wake-up call regarding the threats that may exist in outer space for Earth and life on the planet. With an increasing number of asteroids passing, the threat of one of them deviating from their path and crashing onto the Earth also increases. These near Earth objects (NEO) are being constantly monitored by the American space agency to ensure if one of them does change its course, Earth has enough time to plan some kind of counter-measures. At the moment, NASA states that the asteroids will fly past.

The NASA unit, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has revealed the details about these asteroids. First is 2022 FF1, a 17-feet wide asteroid which will be making its closest approach at merely 1,490,000 kilometers. Second is 2022 FR1, a 27-feet wide asteroid which should fly past the Earth at a distance of 1,860,000. Finally, third is 2022 EL5, the largest of them all, a 43-feet wide asteroid set to zoom past the Earth from a distance of 2,710,000 kilometers. In terms of astronomical distances, these are too small for comfort.

Three dangerous asteroids to approach Earth: NASA

The Small Body Database by NASA revealed more details on these asteroids. The 2022 FF1 asteroid has an elongated orbit where it traces to Earth in its perihelion and moves beyond Mars in its aphelion. 2022 FR1 has the largest orbit around the Sun and crosses Earth in its perihelion and moves almost up to the asteroid belt at its aphelion. The 2022 EL5, largest asteroid of them all, has the smallest orbit which is not even as large as the Earth's. At its aphelion, it moves just beyond the Earth and at its perihelion, it is very close to the orbit of Venus. You can visit the NASA website for more information around its ascension, live coordinates, axis and more.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for astronomy enthusiasts to watch these asteroids' parade in the sky with naked eyes or binoculars. High-power telescopes will be the only way to check out these asteroids.

NASA has been very vigilant towards each and every NEO that is in the observable universe. NASA has created its own department called Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) which aims to find ways to destroy large asteroids that may be on course to hit Earth in future.

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First Published Date: 29 Mar, 12:19 IST
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