Colossal 890-foot asteroid approaching Earth rapidly! NASA reveals key details

While smaller asteroids tend to pass Earth nearly every day, NASA has issued an alert against a mammoth, stadium-sized asteroid that will come very close to the planet soon.

| Updated on: Jul 13 2023, 10:11 IST
Asteroid threat! 5 space rocks zooming towards Earth, including 190-foot giant, NASA reveals
Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids.
1/6 In the next week, NASA has warned that a mammoth asteroid named 2018 UY, which is expected to be more than 800-foot wide, will have a close encounter with Earth. In fact not 1, there are 5 asteroids that are heading towards Earth.  (Pixabay)
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2/6 Asteroid  2023 LN1: This is the largest of these upcoming asteroids. It measures 190-foot and will make the closest approach of 2.26 million miles from Earth on July 10. (Pixabay)
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3/6 Asteroid 2018 NW: This is a 31-foot asteroid that will approach Earth on July 10. It will come around 4.29 million miles to Earth. However, the worrying part is that the asteroid is hurtling toward Earth at a blazing speed of 78542 km per hour. (Pixabay)
Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids.
4/6 Asteroid 2023 MD2: There is a 150-foot astetoid which is zooming towards Earth at a blistering speed of 30362 km per hour, CNEOS data mentioned. It will come as close as 1.33 million miles to the Earth on July 11. (Pixabay)
Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids.
5/6 Asteroid 2023 MQ1: Another 150-foot-wide asteroid is ready to make its close encounter with the Earth on July 11 at a mere 2.56 million miles distance. It is already on its way at a speed of 21504 km per hour.  (Pixabay)
Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids.
6/6 Asteroid 2023 NE: There is a triple asteroid flyby on July 11! This 130-foot asteroid is said to make the closest approach towards Earth at a velocity of 43173 kmph and it will come as close as just 2.69 million miles to Earth.   (Pixabay)
Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids.
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Asteroid 2023 MG6 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids. (NASA JPL)

NASA monitors asteroids for any potential danger to Earth and tracks their orbits to minimize the uncertainty around the close approaches. When its telescopes track a new Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA), NASA astronomers measure the asteroid's observed positions in the sky and report them to the Minor Planet Center. The Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) then uses that data to determine the asteroid's most likely orbit around the Sun, according to NASA. To assess whether an impact is possible and narrow down where the true orbit may be, NASA's new Sentry II then uses a unique algorithm and selects random points throughout the entire uncertainty region. This allows the program to zero in on more very low-probability impact scenarios.

NASA, using this advanced tech, has issued an alert against a colossal asteroid that will pass Earth closely soon.

Asteroid 2023 MG6

The asteroid, given the designation of Asteroid 2023 MG6, is on its way towards Earth and will make its closest approach to the planet on July 16. What's shocking about this space rock is its colossal size. It has an estimated width of nearly 890 feet, which makes it almost as big as a stadium! The asteroid was spotted by NASA's Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), which is responsible for monitoring the skies and keeping a watch on various Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

Other details

Asteroid 2023 MG6 is expected to make its closest approach to the planet at a distance of 3.6 million kilometers at a speed of 44564 kilometers per hour, as per NASA. It belongs to the Amor group of Near-Earth Asteroids which are Earth-approaching near-Earth asteroids with orbits exterior to Earth but interior to Mars', named after asteroid 1221 Amor.

Shockingly, it has also been classified as a Potentially Hazardous Object due to its close distance of approach, as well as its humongous size. NASA classifies asteroids as ‘Potentially Hazardous' if they come within 7.5 million kilometers of Earth and have a size bigger than 150 meters.

What's more astonishing is that this is Asteroid 2023 MG6's first close approach to Earth in recorded history, and as of now, it is the only one in the future too! But it could change as asteroids get influenced by the gravitational field of a large planet such as Jupiter, which knocks them off their orbit and sends them tumbling towards a planet like Earth for potential impact.

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First Published Date: 13 Jul, 10:10 IST