Critics report: Macbook Pro worth the price

Apple released the revamped MacBook Pro with Retina Display at the WWDC 2012 keynote and as is with most Apple products, the launch was accompanied by awe and heated debates. Check out what the critics are saying about this 'next generation' laptop.

| Updated on: Jun 16 2012, 14:44 IST
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Apple released the revamped MacBook Pro with Retina Display at the WWDC 2012 keynote and as is with most Apple products, the launch was accompanied by awe and heated debates about the updated laptop.

While Apple loyalists were left a bit stunned by the hefty price tag, critics have declared that Apple's latest offering with totally worth the price.

The ultra-thin, fairly light, power-packed Apple laptop, with 2880-by-1880 resolution Retina Display is available in India for a price starting from 1.5 lakhs and upwards depending on the configuration. If you're bogged by the 'To buy or not to buy' dilemma, check out what the critics are saying about this 'next generation' laptop.

The screen on Apple's new flagship laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina display, has to be seen to be believed. At 2880 x 1800 pixels, it can deliver double the screen resolution of the previous MacBook Pro and the difference is like putting on a pair of glasses for the first time. Text looks as if it is printed onto the glass and pictures are extraordinarily sharp. There will be plenty who say that you don't need this kind of resolution but once you have tried it, you won't want to give it up.

Apple's new MacBook Pro priced at 1.5 lakhs

Those users who are willing to spend the money will get an exceptional machine, one that points to the future of laptops as much as the MacBook Air did before it. Just as the MacBook Air is now being emulated by PC manufacturers as the 'Ultrabook' so you can expect ultra-high resolution displays to be standard on top tier laptops before too long.

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A little evolution, a little revolution. Apple has a track record of making significant design decisions, particularly when it comes to dropping 'old' technology from its products or adopting new, and the reworked MacBook Pro with Retina Display is no different...though the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is more than just the sum of its screen, the inescapable truth is that any other notebook feels dreary and last-gen in comparison.

New MacBook Pro is like MacBook Air with Retina display

Just as switching from Retina on a new iPad to another tablet feels like stepping back in time, so the new MacBook Pro's display feels like what computing really should be. Priced at the top end of the market it may be, but for multimedia professionals, developers and those that covet the cutting-edge, the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the new gold standard.

This is a laptop that stands poised to kill an existing one, one that Apple has dominated. The new Pro is good enough to make the old Pro (even the updated version) look and feel obsolete. It pushes and redefines the category, raising the bar higher than even its brethren can jump. If you can afford the premium and aren't set on a 13-inch model there's no reason to buy any Pro other than this Pro. You can't ignore the Air as an amazing piece of machinery, especially with the new, higher-powered Ivy Bridge processors and faster SSDs tucked inside its wedge profile. But, this new Pro is on another level of performance.

After 20 minutes of using Apple's new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I switched back to my own six-month-old MacBook Pro to send an e-mail. But when I looked at its screen, I thought my contact lenses had actually fallen out. For a second I was worried; everything on the screen looked less crisp and less bright. It's not an old machine, but it was really as if an optometrist had switched my prescription, or I'd been forced to use my old glasses. Everything just seemed blurry by comparison.


Some fast laptops tax their processors to such a degree that they heat up like pavement in the summer, forcing the use of noisy fans to bring the temperature down. The famously fan-phobic Apple says that it tuned the ones in the Pro to run at different frequencies so the whirrrrrrrrrrrr is less obvious. Even when I loaded gazillions of browser tabs, streamed videos and ran a virtualized copy of Windows 7 courtesy of Parallels Desktop, the Pro kept its cool and I couldn't tell if the fans were active without pressing my ear to the case.

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Once again, with another product announcement, Apple has presented the market with a choice. They have two professional laptops: one that is serviceable and upgradeable, and one that is not.

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They're not exactly equivalent products - one is less expensive and supports expandable storage, and the other has a cutting-edge display, fixed storage capacity, and a premium price tag - but they don't have the same name just to cause confusion. Rather, Apple is asking users to define the future of the MacBook Pro.

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First Published Date: 15 Jun, 15:46 IST