Delhi Commission for Women issues notices to Instagram, Delhi Police against Bois Locker Room

This Bois Locker Room is an Instagram group created by Delhi school boys where they have been sharing lewd photos of classmates, most of them minors, and engaging in lurid banter about their bodies

The screenshots of the Instagram stories that outed the Bois Locker Room
The screenshots of the Instagram stories that outed the Bois Locker Room (Instagram)

Locker room talk has always been problematic and for those who think otherwise and point out that "boys will be boys"- here's where it gets worse.

Screenshots from an Instagram group called Bois Locker Room have been going viral on Twitter and Facebook over the last couple of days. Made by and comprising of Delhi school boys, primarily from Class 11 and Class 12, the group was for sharing photos of classmates, also minors, followed by lurid discussions about their bodies, graphic sexualisation and even casual mentions of rape.

Cyber security experts and the Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) has taken notice of this and the latter has written to Instagram and Delhi Police asking them to take action against this group.  

All the participants are teenage boys and the pictures are of underage women, there are a few reports alleging Bois Locker Room members of sharing nude/morphed pictures of women as well.

Reports have it that the group is run by boys who are between the ages of 16 and 18, studying in posh South Delhi schools. The list of members of the group has also been released publicly along with screenshots of their discussions.

These chats are about having sex with their classmates, rating them on their looks and their body. There are also instances of these boys sharing photos then asking others to guess how old the girl is.

As leaked screenshots of the group chats went viral and outrage followed on social media, many members of the group have allegedly deactivated their accounts while some others have resorted to threatening to leak nude images and hack the accounts of women who have outed them.

Reports have it that many social media users have reported some of the members of the Bois Locker Room who have been identified and cases have been filed against them under the IT Act, however, we do not know for certain. But now that cybersecurity experts and the DCW have gotten involved, we expect legal action to be taken soon.

Delhi Police has been asked to file a report on action taken by it by May 8.