Dictionary.com updates its list with new AI words

In the fast-changing world of technology and language, Dictionary.com has just updated itself with a number of AI words.

| Updated on: Sep 07 2023, 14:04 IST
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Dictionary.com updated its list with 566 new words and definitions for 2023, including AI ones. (Pexels)

Have you ever heard of words like generative AI, GPT, or LLM? Well, now they're in the dictionary! Dictionary.com, which is a website that helps you understand the meanings of words, has decided to add these new words to its collection. The people at Dictionary.com have been working hard to keep up with our ever-changing language. So, they just added 566 new words and 348 new definitions for the fall of 2023. They say it's important to do this to make sure their dictionary is useful and up-to-date.

Hallucinations in the Age of AI

But that's not all! Dictionary.com has also given a new meaning to the word "hallucinate" when it comes to generative AI. In this context, it means when a computer program makes up false information that goes against what the user wanted and pretends that it's true, The Verge reported.

Generative AI is a special kind of computer program that can create things like stories and art. GPT and LLM are names for different types of generative AI.

New Words and Meanings

Some other new words they added include "nepo baby," which means a famous person who became famous because of their famous parents. There's also "jawn," which is a word for something or someone when you don't know or can't think of a specific word. "Biohacking" means doing experiments on your own body, like a science experiment. "Algo" is short for computer algorithm, which is a set of steps a computer follows to do something. Lastly, "information pollution" is when false or unimportant information mixes with important facts, making it hard to tell what's true.

Dictionary.com didn't only add English words; they added some from other languages too! "Hanbok" is a traditional Korean dress. "Jolabokaflod" is an Icelandic tradition where people give books as Christmas presents. "Kakeibo" is a Japanese word for a system to keep track of your household budget.

By adding these words, Dictionary.com is keeping up with how language changes. They want to be a helpful tool for understanding words and phrases that are important to us now well into the future.

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First Published Date: 07 Sep, 14:04 IST