Discovered! This brown dwarf is bigger than Jupiter and hotter than the Sun

Astronomers have discovered a new brown dwarf, which is larger than Jupiter and hotter than the Sun. Check out to know more.

| Updated on: Aug 15 2023, 08:40 IST
brown dwarf
Massive brown dwarf spotted that is hotter than our Sun. (Representational Image) (NASA)
brown dwarf
Massive brown dwarf spotted that is hotter than our Sun. (Representational Image) (NASA)

Every now and then astronomers and researchers discover new objects in space and it's shocking to see that our universe holds so many mysteries. It is not unusual for researchers to find new planets and stars which are similar to or more massive than our planets. However, what's intriguing is that these new planets hold such different properties when compared to the actual theories of the stars and planets. One such intriguing object has just been found. A huge brown dwarf has been spotted by astronomers and it is being said that it is larger than Jupiter, but hotter than the Sun.

About the brown dwarf

As per the study published in Nature Astronomy, the newly discovered brown dwarf is 75 and 90 times greater than the mass of Jupiter. The dwarf has a day-time temperature of 8,000 K which is hotter than the Sun which has a temperature of 5,772 K.

These brown dwarfs are called failed stars due to their masses being too small to burn hydrogen to start nuclear fusion. Even Jupiter is referred to as a failed star. The object was named WD 0032-317B and scientists call it an “irradiated-Jupiter analogue.” It orbits a white star which is 1,406 light-years away from Earth.

One thing which surprised the researchers was that this dwarf is very hot. Brown dwarfs are generally cool and dim objects. Due to tidal locking, the small dwarf star's dayside is always directed towards the white dwarf star, whose scorching surface temperature is roughly 37,000 K. On the other hand, the temperature on the brown dwarf's nightside, which is close to 2,000 K, continues to be noticeably lower.

These discoveries might come as a surprise. However, as per reports, it is not new. But, discovering more numbers of such brown dwarfs will give more information about their temperature as well as their nature.

According to Gizmodo reports. these irradiated Jupiter-like failed stars can be examined by astronomers using the sharp view of the James Webb Space Telescope, just as they have done with other brown dwarfs that are fainter, farther away, and colder than this one, which is referred to as WD 0032-317B.

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First Published Date: 15 Aug, 08:40 IST