iSnore. Do you? You need to get help

A large number of people suffer from sleep disorders, and snoring may be a symptom. Here is how you can use technology to analyse your sleep habits, and find out if you need medical help.

| Updated on: Apr 01 2014, 14:33 IST

Ever had a situation when you could not go to sleep because your room-mate or spouse was snoring away? Quite often the culprit is not even aware of the "crime." Equally, the person may be struggling on the cusp of sleep, unable to go into deep slumber.

According to a recent study, 5-6% of people suffer from sleep disorder, many of them severe. This can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart disease and several other problems. If you feel you are not waking up fresh, or your spouse complains that you snore, read on: some of these gadgets maybe able to help you. Remember, this is not a medical advisory.

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Sleep Cycle (R55, for iOS) or SleepBot (Android, free)

These apps are the first step to mapping your sleep pattern. Having installed the app, plug your phone into its charger and put it next to your pillow with the app running. The apps use the phone's motion sensors to monitor how many times you toss and turn and periods of complete inactivity; they give the best results if your mattress is firm. If you move around a lot while sleeping, this may not work. Your phone may heat up while being charged.


Basis @ $199 ( 12,000)

Basis is a fitness tracker that looks like a watch, but in addition to counting the steps you take, it also measures your heart rate, your body mass index, your perspiration rate and skin temperature — and maps your sleep. All you need to do is to wear it. The data gathered can be synchronised to the Basis cloud service to get a detailed analysis, and suggest the best time for you to hit the hay or tell you when to wake up.


@ $149 ( 9,000)

Many people don't like gadgets around while sleeping. Beddit, which is set to be launched in the US and Europe soon, is a band that is placed under your bedsheet. It 'talks' to your smartphone via Bluetooth, mapping your sleep pattern, observing things such as how long you were still, how many times you were tossing and turning, your posture your snoring time.

Mechanical assistant

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machine @ R30,000 and up

The PAP is a home-use machine from Philips that generates positive air pressure that will keep your breathing tract open and help you breathe better. The downside is that you would need to sleep with a mask on, which would also restrict your posture. Though is easy to use, it should be used only on doctor's recommendation.

In any case, if any of the previous devices tells you that you have a sleep disorder, do take it seriously and consider a doctor for specialised advise

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First Published Date: 31 Mar, 23:14 IST