Apple Watch Review | Finally launched in India, should you buy it?

The Apple Watch is tough to explain because it, well, lacks focus. Unlike a Fitbit that only tracks your fitness, for instance, the Apple Watch does a bit of everything. Want to reply to a WhatsApp message without touching your phone? Sure, the Apple Watch can do it. Want to track your workout? Piece of cake. Want to see your Instagram photos? Sure, they look crummy on that tiny screen, but hey, it's possible.

Even though its bursting with potential, the Apple Watch is a first-generation product with too many rough edges to justify the frankly insane pricing and will have trouble appealing to anyone besides diehard Apple fans or gadget hounds

Hold off for now. There's a lot coming in the years ahead.

| Updated on: Nov 06 2015, 13:37 IST
First Published Date: 06 Nov, 13:35 IST