Here’s how to cross-post your Tweets on Facebook automatically

Twitter on Wednesday announced that users can no longer automatically cross-post their Tweets to Facebook. This can be attributed to Facebook restricting its API platform in April after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where data of 87 million users was breached. Even task automators like IFTTT showed an error while cross-posting, which leaves users no choice but to manually copy and paste the links of their Tweets into Facebook's share dialogue or use one of the two options given by Twitter, also add extra steps to the process. But there's a way out of this, a reverse approach. Instead of cross-posting your Tweets, you can cross-post your Facebook posts. This simple, yet elegant, solution has its own shortcomings, but it will definitely save you those extra seconds you'll spend manually copying and pasting the links on Facebook, which add up to a significant amount of time if you post multiple Tweets in a day.

| Updated on: Aug 04 2018, 17:10 IST
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First Published Date: 04 Aug, 17:07 IST
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