WhatsApp rolls out forward message limit, asks users to double check forward messages

WhatsApp is encouraging users to double check any forwarded messages they receive on the platform. The instant messaging company, which has over 200 million users in India, is taking various measures to curb the spread of rumours, misinformation and fake news on its platform. The Indian government has asked the Facebook-owned company to take more actions. As part of its drive against fake news, WhatsApp has now imposed a cap on forwarding a message to not more than five chats (contacts or groups) in one go. WhatsApp has also introduced a new user education campaign on how to detect and report fake news and hoaxes. The new videos highlight the “forwarded” label and urges users to double check the facts.

| Updated on: Aug 08 2018, 19:03 IST
First Published Date: 08 Aug, 19:02 IST
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