10 Best images shared by NASA Hubble Space Telescope in 2022  (NASA)

Known as Arp 143, this Hubble Telescope image displays two galaxies smashing into each other. Notably, the process gives birth to new stars. (NASA Hubblesite)

This is Earendel, the most distant individual star photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope. (NASA Hubblesite)

These 5 galaxies dancing together are known as the Hickson Compact Group 40. They are, in reality, 200,000 lightyears apart. (NASA Hubblesite)

This is not a galaxy or a nebula. This is a fading supernova, the explosion of a star. (NASA Hubblesite)

 Henize 2-10 is a dwarf starburst galaxy. While its pink hues give a pleasant vibe, it carries a supermassive black hole within its center. (NASA Hubblesite)

Supernovae in the Abell 370 galaxy can be seen across three different lenses. (NASA Hubblesite)

The Dwarf Galaxy Hipass J1131–31 has been nicknamed “Peekaboo” as the bright star near it makes it a rare moment when it is actually visible. (NASA Hubblesite)

A twin double-tail was visible on Dimorphos asteroid after the DART spacecraft struck it. (NASA Hubblesite)

Labeled ‘microlensing black hole’, this image shows the phenomenon where a black hole bends light around it to make the background stars brighter and more visible. (NASA Hubblesite)

 And this Hubble Space Telescope special image is the GNz7q quasar-galaxy in the middle of its transformation.  (NASA Hubblesite)

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