10 essential tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams has become quite popular during the pandemic which drastically changed work culture around the world. 

As more and more people shifted to working from home, apps such as Microsoft Teams paved the way for a new way of communication. 

There are a few hidden tips and tricks in Microsoft Teams which you might not know about. So, check them out  

1. Virtual Whiteboard - The virtual whiteboard allows meeting participants to actively collaborate and ideate with one another using sketches, graphs, icons, and more. 

2. Remix Ringtone - Amusing many Teams users, Microsoft added a catchy remix of its classic Teams ringtone as a custom option. 

3. Instant Polls - Users can create quick polls with binary answer options such as yes/no, thumb up/thumb down and get immediate answers to their spoken poll question. 

4. Live Captions and transcriptions - Real-time captioning and transcription is available for web users in 27 spoken languages. Users can see who is speaking along with what’s being said during and after the meeting. 

5. Inline message translation - Inline message translation allows people to chat in their native tongue and translate messages into English for other users. 

6. Schedule Messages - Users can Delay the delivery of Microsoft Teams chat messages. This feature helps you to send messages before you forget and allows you to avoid disturbing people before they start working. 

7. Games for Work – Not just work, but Microsoft Teams is now offering games for users to relax during a hectic work day. Games such as Minesweeper, Solitaire, Wordament can be played directly in Teams. 

8. Keyboard Shortcuts – Keyboard Shortcuts allow users to access certain features or do certain tasks without having to go deep in the Menu or Settings. Shortcuts are there for various functions such as Search, Turn off camera, Mute meeting and more. 

9. Hold Music – While you’re waiting for a meeting, you can enjoy hold music in Microsoft Teams! Admins can set hold music when calls are transferred between employees. 

10. Do Not Disturb – Need a little downtime to yourself? Use the Do Not Disturb feature to turn off notifications! 

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