160-foot Asteroid to come between Earth and Moon today, NASA says! Get horrifyingly close

160-foot Asteroid is massive and will buzz Earth today at such close quarters that it will get between the planet and our Moon, NASA says. Know all the details related to the huge asteroid that is to make close approach to Earth. (Pixabay)

 NASA has warned that an asteroid named Asteroid 2023 DZ2 is charging towards Earth and will get worryingly close today, March 25. (Pixabay)

 The space rock is already on its way towards us travelling at a staggering speed of 28004 kilometers per hour. (Pixabay)

 The asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth at just 174,641 kilometers. (Pixabay) 

 The asteroid will be coming closer to Earth than the Moon, which is located about 382,500 kilometers from Earth. (Pixabay)

 Asteroid 2023 DZ2 is huge in size too. With a width of nearly 170 feet, this space rock is the size of an aircraft, as per NASA. (Pixabay)

 NASA is tracking the asteroid through its latest technology including its space telescopes and observatories like NEOWISE. It also has a variety of ground-based telescopes such as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile.  (Pixabay)

NASA also has a new impact monitoring system in place which uses an algorithm called Sentry-II to calculate the impact risk of Near-Earth Objects. (Pixabay)

 As of now, nearly 28,000 near-Earth asteroids have been discovered using various tech instruments which track objects in the sky. (Pexel)

 NASA keeps a close eye on asteroids that pass near Earth, as these objects have the potential to be dangerous. (NASA)

Asteroid 2023 DZ2 belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. (Pixabay)

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