2023 Space missions: Asteroid Psyche, SpaceX Starship, Venus and more (Unsplash)

SpaceX Starship's first launch is the most expected. It will be from Boca Chica, Texas. Starship is the fully reusable spacecraft and second stage of the Starship system. Launch date not set yet.· (SpaceX)

 The Axiom space AX2 will be the second crewed commercial mission of NASA and it will carry 2 NASA and 2 Saudi astronauts to the ISS. (NASA)

 ESA's Euclid Telescope is expected to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Euclid is designed to explore the evolution of the dark Universe. It will observe billions of galaxies. (AP)

India's ISRO is also launching two missions one is XRay Polarimeter Satellite and Aditya L1 solar mission. Launch date is in February. (PTI)

China will launch the Xuntian space telescope. Other than this China is also planning to launch two other X-ray telescopes. (Pixabay)

Various moon missions are also being launched. NASA may launch 3 missions to the moon first the Astrobotic Peregrine mission, second is an intuitive machine 1M1 Nova C lander and third is XYLENE which will be launched in November. (Pixabay)

Russia's Roscosmos is set to launch the Lander 25 in 2023. 

India's ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-3 in June.  Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-on mission to Chandrayaan-2. It will demonstrate end-to-end capability in safe landing and roving on the Moon. (PTI)

ESA's Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer will launch in April. It is called "Mission Juice" and will examine all the Jupiter's moons. (NASA)

NASA Psyche will launch in October. The Psyche mission is a journey to a unique metal-rich asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. (Pixabay)

Rocket Lab will launch the MIT Venus Mission. It will probe the atmosphere on Venus and even have a lander. No launch date revealed yet. JAXA Moon lander is likely to launch in April. (Unsplash)

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