301-foot asteroid to fly between Earth and moon, NASA warns

A monster asteroid is rushing towards Earth to make an uncomfortably close approach on March 25. Here’s what NASA says. (Pixabay)

Earth will see 5 asteroids today, including one that is a 140-foot giant, that will make their closest approach. (Pixabay)

However, there is another potential threat of a giant monster rock. It is a 301-foot asteroid that will come very close to Earth soon. (Freepik)

As per NASA’s CNEOS data, this giant rock dubbed Asteroid 2023 DZ2 will make its closest approach towards the Earth on March 25. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 DZ2 is said to be an even bigger threat due to its uncomfortably close encounter with Earth. (Freepik)

As per NASA’s CNEOS, this asteroid will come horrifyingly close, as close as 108,758 miles (0.00117 au) to Earth. (Pixabay)

This distance is even closer than the average distance between Earth and the moon, which is about 239,000 miles.  (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 DZ2 can pose a great threat to Earth if it deviates from its orbit. (Pixabay)

The upcoming asteroid is travelling at a fiery speed of 28004 kmph. (Freepik)

NASA Asteroid Watch has confirmed that this newly discovered asteroid will safely pass by Earth on Saturday. (Pixabay)

Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity for science as asteroids of this size (140-310 ft) happen to pass by  only about once per decade, NASA said. (Wikimedia Commons)

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