Check out the 5 short Master’s programs and apps that let you do them online!

Master’s in Business Administration

MBA is the most in-demand degree in the corporate world. The course gives you an insight into business and marketing management. It elevates your critical thinking and enables you to make quick decisions at the highest levels of the organisation.

Master of Education

If you want to enhance your teaching career then a master of education is the right choice where you can upscale your teaching skills. You will get jobs at Colleges. Research agencies, Coaching centres, Educational consultancies, schools and other educational institutes.

Masters in Economics

Economics teaches you the norms of different societies and their issues. It enables you to take multiple career paths and open doors for various industries. You can get jobs like Financial Analyst, Researcher, Economic Analyst, Business Analyst, Trade Analyst, Stock Broker.

Computer science is the future, therefore, taking this course will open various interesting job opportunities. You can get high-paying jobs like Computer and information research scientist, Computer network architect, Software developer, Database administrator and more.

Masters of Computer Science

Master of social work

Social work jobs involve various challenges that require strict training and doing a course in it can be beneficial for your career growth. You can do jobs like Public Welfare Managers, Consultants, Project Coordinator, and more. Now, check out the apps that can help.


edX offers 2,500 online courses from 140 top-ranked universities in the world, and industry-leading companies.


Udemy provides 150,000 online video course subjects including business, design, photography, development, marketing, IT & Software, and much more.

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Coursera offers access to online courses and degrees from leading universities. It provides a variety of courses from more than 140+ colleges and universities around the world.

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