520-foot asteroid to buzz Earth; will come horrifyingly close! NASA explains  

When A big asteroid is dashing towards Earth on March 8. It is a giant asteroid with a huge potential for destruction! (Freepik)

This giant asteroid is as big as a sky-scrapper. Amazingly, this asteroid was discovered on February 23, 2023. (Pixabay)

To be specific, the asteroid dubbed 2023 DQ is a 520-foot monster, NASA’s JPL confirmed. (NASA)

This is not the only asteroid that is rushing towards Earth. Another 470-foot asteroid is approaching our planet tomorrow.  (Pixabay)

However, Asteroid 2023 DQ is said to be an even bigger threat due to its uncomfortably close encounter with Earth on March 8. (Pixabay)

As per NASA’s JPL, this asteroid will come horrifyingly close, as close as 1.46 million miles. (Pixabay)

Notably, any asteroid that approaches within 4.6 million miles of Earth and has a size larger than about 150 meters is a potentially hazardous object. (Pixabay)

What also makes Asteroid 2023 DQ such a big threat is that it can deviate from its orbit and head directly for a collision with Earth. (Pixabay)

The upcoming asteroid dubbed 2023 DQ is travelling at a fiery speed of 82248 kmph. (Freepik)

For now, it will likely come close to Earth and then shoot on by into space. (Pixabay)

Notably, NASA successfully diverted an oncoming asteroid from its path by crashing a spacecraft into it in its DART mission. (NASA)

Same kind of method can be used in the future against a killer asteroid.  (Freepik)

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