700-foot Asteroid heading towards Earth, says NASA; Gigantic rock travelling at 28138kmph

A monstrous 700-foot hazardous asteroid is rushing towards Earth and will come extremely close tomorrow, NASA alert reveals.   (Pixabay)

This asteroid is dangerous due to two main reasons. First, this asteroid is getting a little too close to Earth for comfort tomorrow.  (NASA)

NASA's JPL has given the tag of potentially hazardous objects to all the space rocks that approach within 4.6 million miles of Earth. (Pixabay)

This upcoming asteroid dubbed Asteroid 2007 ED125 will get as close as 2.79 million miles (4.49 million kilometres) to Earth. (Pixabay)

There is another reason to call this asteroid a big threat to Earth. It is mammoth in size! (Pixabay)

As per NASA’s JPL data, asteroid 2007 ED125 measured a size of 700-foot (213-meters), which is as equal as the size of a stadium. (NASA)

Another NASA criteria that leads to asteroids being tagged as a potential threat is the size- anything larger than about 150 meters is dubbed as potentially hazardous. (Pixabay)

This upcoming asteroid fulfills both the criterias to be called a potentially hazardous asteroid for Earth. (NASA)

Not just that, it is traveling at a blistering speed of 28138 kmph. A small deviation from its orbit can lead to catastrophic consequences for Earth. (Flickr)

According to TheSky.org, the asteroid 2007 ED125 was detected on March 14, 2007, and belongs to the Apollo group. (Pixabay)

After this, the next close approach of asteroid 2007 ED125 to our planet is expected on February 23, 2031. On that day, its distance to Earth will be 13.83 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

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