9th Earth-like planet between Mars and Jupiter may KILL all life! Shocking reason revealed 


Have you ever wished for another Earth-like planet within this solar system as a potential escape from our own planet? Something like a super Earth. However, recent research has revealed why this scenario could actually KILL all life on Earth. (Pixabay)

Astronomers and space agencies across the world have been busy looking for a Super-Earth in order to explore the possibility of finding a viable alternative to our planet for himanity.  (Freepik)

A Super-Earth would be larger than Earth, but less massive than ice giants such as Neptune and Uranus. (Freepik)

But what if there was a Super-Earth as a 9th planet in our solar system located between Mars and Jupiter? A recent study by the University of California in Riverside shed light on this. (Pixabay)

Terrifyingly, a 9th planet as a Super-Earth would simply wreak havoc on the solar system! (Freepik)

Scientists simulated a Super-Earth with different masses larger than Earth, but lighter than Neptune to assess its impact on the orbits of surrounding planets. (Freepik)

The findings revealed that even a slight alteration in Jupiter's orbit could trigger a catastrophic chain reaction affecting all the other planets, including Earth. (Pixabay)

As per the study, if a Super-Earth were to influence Jupiter's gravitational force, it could potentially result in the expulsion of Mercury and Venus from our solar system.  (Pixabay)

Additionally, it could cause instability in the orbits of planets such as Uranus and Neptune, ultimately leading to their ejection from the solar system too. (Unsplash)

The most catastrophic outcome would be for Earth and humans! (Pixabay)

The presence of a Super-Earth could disrupt Earth's orbit, resulting in global extinction and making our planet uninhabitable! (Unsplash)

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