Amazing tech! Google Translate can now translate text in photos! Check how to do it (HT Tech)

Heretofore, Google Translate has been helping translate text from one language to another. (HT Tech)

Now, the Translate app wants to help its users by translating the text inside photos.

The Google Translate app can be downloaded on Android, iPhone (iOS), and the web. (Unsplash)

Google Translate's latest version replaces the text with the translated text using colour blocks. (HT Tech)

You can use Google Translate to convert a text into 132 supported languages. (HT Tech)

Here is how you can translate text within an image via Google Translate. (HT Tech)

Visit Google Translate website at or its mobile application. (HT Tech)

On the website, you will be able to find a new Images tab at the top. While a camera icon can be seen at bottom corner on the app. Click on it. (HT Tech)

Now upload the image in jpg, jpeg, or png format, or click the image whose text you want to get translated. (HT Tech)

Once done, the text will get translated to the language you have set as default. (HT Tech)

However, it must be noted that the company is yet to confirm the rest of the details, hence you should wait for the official announcement. (Unsplash)

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