Annoyed with spam emails filling your Gmail account? Block it now

Having a Gmail account is very important and is used for communicating via emails, and more.

However, your Gmail account can also get flooded with promotional or spam mails.

These days, marketing agencies are widely using Gmail to promote their products and services. This abundance of Spam means you have a Gmail storage full problem on your hands.

These emails piling up in your Gmail inbox can also make you miss reading important email and in the worst case scenario, delete important ones by mistake.

However, there is nothing to worry as Gmail offers an option to block these promotional emails and to get rid of the Gmail storage full problem.

You can delete these promotional emails to save your storage memory in simple steps. Here is how you can block an unwanted email address to avoid promotional emails.

Open your Gmail account on your smartphone or web. Then, open the email address of the sender whom you want to block.

Click on the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner. Here, you will find several options. Tap on the "Block (sender)" option from the drop-down menu.

It will pop up a confirmation option. Click on Block to confirm. Now you will no longer get emails from the blocked sender. All new messages or emails from this sender will be sent to Spam.

You can also delete all promotions emails to fix Gmail storage full problem. In the search bar, simply type “unsubscribe” and hit enter. It will simply show you a list of all emails that carry an Unsubscribe button. Tick the box above to select all emails with this Unsubscribe tag and tap on the delete button and all these promotional emails will be deleted.

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