Apple iPhone 15 Pro design changes: What Apple 2023 event may launch

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Apple event 2023: Want to know the likely iPhone 15 Pro design changes? The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is set to undergo  a huge overhaul.

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According to a report by Tom’s Guide, iPhone 15 Pro will have 7 big design changes. 

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 iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Build: The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have a tougher yet lighter grade 5 titanium build.

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iPhone 15 Pro Camera Upgrades: The speculation about the iPhone 15 Pro camera is that it is expected to have larger lenses than usual to enhance photo quality.

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iPhone 15 Pro Curved Design: The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have more curved edges and a more rounded design than earlier iPhones.

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 iPhone 15 Pro bezels: According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPhone 15 Pro’s border will shrink to just 1.5mm. Yes, the bezels will be even thinner.  

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iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: The iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to replace the physical mute switch with a flexible, programmable solid-state action button.

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 iPhone 15 Pro USB-C Port: The company is expected to replace the older Lightning port with the new USB-C Port due to a European Union mandate for universal charging standards. 

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iPhone 15 Pro new color options: The new iPhone is expected to come in two new additional colors - blue and grey.

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 It is expected that Apple iPhone 15 Pro price will be $1099.

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 Although rumours about the iPhone 15 Pro abound, we will still have to wait till Apple event 2023 on September 12 to get all our doubts cleared.  

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