Asteroid 2023 BU to crash into Earth today?

The Earth is going to witness a scary event soon, As the Asteroid 2023 BU is going to come as near as 3500 kilometres to Earth. (ANI)  

The Asteroid is predicted to come closer than the satellites in space. (NASA)

The asteroid will come closest to Earth on January 26th at 21:17 UTC (16:17 EST), the 5-meter-wide space rock will be just 3500 km above South America. (NASA)

The asteroid is 5 meters wide and the gravitational force could pull it towards the Earth.  (pixabay)

However, an asteroid this size is likely to explode mid-air and only small meteorites may actually hit Earth. (NASA)

If the asteroid burns up or explodes in the sky over a populous area, people just may get injured. (NASA)

A similar asteroid explosion occurred in Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013. Luckily, nobody died in that event but many got injured due to the sonic boom. (NASA)

However there is no need to panic yet as the Astronomers believe there is very little chance of the asteroid actually striking the Earth. (NASA)

You can watch this event live through the Virtual Telescope Project as it will host a webcast. The livestream begins on January 26 at 21:17 UTC (16:17 EST)- the date in India is January 27. (NASA)

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