Asteroid Danger! 328-foot asteroid whizzing towards Earth at 30392kmph, NASA says

After a 700-foot giant monster rock, another huge, potentially hazardous, asteroid is rushing towards Earth to make a worryingly close approach. Know what NASA says. (Pixabay)

A giant 700-foot asteroid just about scrapped by the Earth. Thankfully, it did not impact Earth.  (Pixabay)

But the danger is not over yet! Another asteroid is getting a little too close to Earth for comfort soon, which is causing concern for NASA. (NASA)

According to NASA's JPL, any near-Earth asteroid is known as a potentially hazardous object which approaches within 4.6 million miles of Earth.  (Pixabay)

It should also have a size larger than about 150 meters (around 492-foot) (Pixabay)

The upcoming asteroid dubbed 2023 BK5 is traveling at a blistering speed of 30392 kmph, NASA’s CNEOS data indicated. (Pixabay)

The asteroid is as big as 100 meters (328-foot) in size.  (Pixabay)

Not just that, it will come as close as 4.23 million miles to Earth. (Pixabay)

A small deviation in its orbit can lead to catastrophic consequences for Earth. And that’s why asteroid 2023 BK5 poses a great risk. (Pixabay)

NASA and other space agencies keep a close watch on these near-Earth objects simply because of their potential for destruction. (Pixabay)

Among the ground-based telescopes NASA uses to track asteroids are Pans-STARRS1 in Maui, Hawaii, the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona. Among the space-based telescopes is NEOWISE. (Pixabay)

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