Asteroid set to collide with Earth in 2046? Check NASA alert 

NASA has been tracking a newly found asteroid dubbed 2023 DW, which is said to be on course to impact Earth! Should you worry? NASA explains it all. (Pixabay)

NASA says when new objects are first discovered, it takes several weeks of data crunching to predict their orbits. (Pixabay)

This was done for Asteroid 2023 DW and it has been revealed that there is a chance it may crash into Earth on February 14, 2046, which is Valentine's Day. (Pixabay)

NASA says that the asteroid has a diameter of about 49.29 metres (162-foot).  (Pixabay) 

Now, there is some good news for you! NASA has revised the chances of an asteroid hitting the Earth. (Freepik)

Earlier the chances of it hitting Earth were 1 in 600. Now, it has been revised to 1 in 770.  In percentage terms, it means the asteroid has a 99.87% chance of missing Earth.  (Wikimedia)

Apart from NASA, the European Space Agency's (ESA) Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre also revised the possibility of an asteroid strike from the earlier 1 in 625 to around 1 in 1584.   (Pixabay)

Asteroids do pose a threat to Earth. Notably, the Chicxulub asteroid wiped out dinosaurs from the Earth around 66 mn years ago. (Pixabay)

However, it doesn't mean that a smaller sized asteroids can't bring danger to Earth! (Pixabay)

They can and do. Except the destruction is not planet-wide, it is confined to a region. (Pixabay)

To make sure no sizeable asteroid strikes Earth, NASA tested its capability to deflect asteroids through its DART mission by successfully crashing a spacecraft into it. (Pixabay)

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