Asteroid threat! From 44-foot to 590-foot, 5 huge asteroids rushing towards Earth, NASA says

NASA has revealed that there are 5 asteroids that are expected to pass Earth in the upcoming days. Among them is a giant 590-foot asteroid, almost as big as a skyscraper. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2020 FV4 - NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has warned that the asteroid, named Asteroid 2020 FV4 will make its closest approach to Earth today, March 13. (Pixabay)

This 92-foot-wide asteroid will be at a distance of 4.18 million miles at its closest. Asteroid 2020 FV4 is already hurtling towards the planet at a speed of 29350 kmph.  (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 CM - This is one of the scariest asteroids that are coming in the next couple of days. (Freepik) 

This giant asteroid is a 590-foot giant and will come terrifyingly close to the Earth at just 2.45 million miles. This will be on March 14. It is travelling at a blistering speed of 50496 kmph. (Freepik)

Asteroid 2023 DM - On March 15, this massive 200-foot asteroid will get even closer than Asteroid 2023 CM! It will come as close as 2.02 million miles. (Wikimedia commons)

This 200-foot asteroid is all set to make a close approach to Earth on March 15, NASA’s JPL revealed. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2018 UQ1: Another awesomely big asteroid, a 450-foot monster, will buzz the Earth on March 17 at a distance of merely 2.55 mn miles.  (Pixabay)

NASA’s CNEOS clocked this monster rock at a speed of 42037 kmph. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2016 WH - This asteroid is 44-foot in size and will make its closest approach to Earth of 4.31 mn miles on March 19. (Pixabay)

NASA and other space agencies are keeping a constant and close watch on all these and other hazardous monster rocks.  (Pixabay)

This watch is kept with the aid of NASA-supported ground-based telescopes such as Pans-STARRS1, the Catalina Sky Survey and space-based telescope NEOWISE. (NASA)

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