Awesome! 10 Best YouTube Shorts 2022 list-barish me bheegna, Desh mere to Doctor vs Engineer (Unsplash)

10 Best YouTube Shorts 2022 list is out. In the best Shorts category, barish me bheegna, bhaiya k sath prant ho gaya, betiyaan kisi se kam nahi hoti, Desh mere, Ab kaha jaiyega bachke, Maa ne bola tha, Doctor vs Engineer, and Salute to Indian army were featured in the top 10 list. (YouTube)

At the first position is the viral Short by the channel Shorts Break. The video is titled ‘Barish me bheegna - Kaamwali Bai - Part 28’ and it received a staggering 299.6 million views and 12 million likes.

Bahiya k sath prank ho Gaya’ by the channel The Vishal Bhatt has made it to the second place with 267.5 million views and 10 million likes.

With 182.1 million views and 9.2 million likes, ‘Betiyaan kisi se kam nahi hoti’ by Gulshan Kalra has reached the third spot.

‘Desh mere’ Short published by Chandan Art Academy is in fourth position. It received 219 million views and 7.2 million likes.

Comedy Short ‘Ab kaha jaiyega bachke’ by Sid Akki has claimed the fifth spot with 192.3 million views and 6.8 million likes.

With 168 million views and 8 million likes, ‘Maa ne bola tha’ by the channel Sam Sharma TBC is on the sixth spot.

‘Doctor vs Engineer - Who is Best - Chocolate Heist’ by Dushyant Kukreja is 7th on the list with 169 million views and 8.6 million likes.

Sagar Kalra’s Short titled ‘Salute to Indian Army’ with 164.7 million views and 13 million likes is placed in the 8th position of the list.

‘Guneet is Always Awesome in hoopla’ by Harpreet SDC has made it to the 9th spot with 239 million views and 5.9 million likes. 

And in the 10th position is ‘Maa ka opration’ by Actor Sam Singh 143 with 167.5 million views and 11 million likes. 

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