Beat the slowdown, here are 6 steps to clear your iPhone cache

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Your iPhone slowed down considerably? Are you not being able to clear the cache on your iPhone? Don’t know how? Don't worry, Here are 6 steps to clear iPhone cache and give its speed a boost.

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Try these simple steps to clear Cache from your iPhone

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Access the Settings menu on your iPhone.

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Locate and open the Safari app.

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Within Safari, find the option called "Clear History and Website Data."

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Tap on it to initiate the clearing process.

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Confirm your action when prompted.

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Once confirmed, your browsing history, cookies, and related data will be cleared.

Please note that clearing your history and cookies in Safari will not affect any stored AutoFill information you may have

Also, remember to clear iPhone cache on a regular basis rather than doing it after the handset slows down. Do it on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

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