Best camera phones under Rs. 50000 to buy in January 2023

If you love taking photos more than anything else on your smartphone and have a restricted budget of Rs. 50000, check these awesome camera phones. 

At Rs. 27499, the Nothing Phone 1 with its 50MP + 50MP dual rear cameras is a good camera phone. 

With the latest updates installed, the Phone 1 can take photos just as good as the iPhone 14 in both day and night. Video recording is good for the price but selfies could be better.

The Pixel 6a is currently selling at Rs. 29999 and for that price, it is an exceptional camera phone. 

Daylight and night time photos have lots of details and great colours, despite using an old 12MP camera sensor. The Pixel 6a also does good quality video recording. The 8MP front camera impresses with its selfie quality. 

The Galaxy S21 FE at Rs. 34999 is a superb option for still photography and videography. 

Samsung’s dynamic range is superb but photos may appear slightly saturated. The 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom is another advantage here, allowing for better quality zoom photos. 

You can get the same Galaxy S21 FE camera experience for Rs. 30000 with the Galaxy S20 FE, its predecessor. 

The Galaxy S20 FE has the same camera setup and with the Snapdragon 865 chip underneath, it makes for a great camera phone with fast image processing. The only drawback is that it is from 2020 and is nearing its software support.

Yes, we agree the Galaxy S22 costs Rs. 52999 on Amazon right now and that is stretching the prescribed budget. However, the Galaxy S22 cameras are great and are comparable with the camera quality of iPhone 13. 

The 3x telephoto camera is a great weapon to have in the arsenal and the latest camera processing algorithms make every photo taken on this one impressive. Even the videography performance is nice. 

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