Beware! 6 terrifying asteroids coming dangerously close to Earth, NASA warns

This week is going to be an eventful one in terms of asteroids visiting our neighborhood.

As many as six big asteroids are going to come close to our planet. 

First is a 95-foot wide 2022 UD8 which will come 4.2 million kilometers close to the Earth today, November 16.

Second is Asteroid 2018 WH, a 12-foot wide asteroid, which will move as close as 959,000 kilometers to our planet. It will also fly past the Earth on Nov 16.

Third is 2022 VM2, a 76-foot asteroid, which is going to come 3.1 million kilometers to the Earth on November 18.

At number four is a 59-foot wide asteroid called 2022 VU1 which is likely to come 2.6 million kilometers to the Earth on November 20. 

Fifth is a 124-foot wide Asteroid 2022 VR1, which will pay a visit to the Earth on November 20.

Finally, November 20 will see a third asteroid called 2022 VX which is 45-foot wide.

NASA NEOWISE space telescope is keeping a close watch on all of these asteroids to ensure there is no last moment deflection.

All these asteroids have been dubbed as potentially hazardous due to their close approach to Earth by NASA.
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