BGMI download date draws near after this update on Google Play Store

However, there has been some progress made about downloading BGMI as the Google Play Store description has been updated by Krafton.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

BGMI, one of the most popular battle royale game, has made its comeback in India from a 10-month long ban.

What Krafton has done is change the description of the game on the Google Play Store, signalling that BGMI could be released to the public soon.

However, gamers should know that BGMI will never be the same as it was before.

It is most likely that BGMI download will be allowed but the gamers will find that the game has changed in many ways.

Chances of BGMI being just a watered-down version of its old self are high.

Among the most notable changes would be change in the colour of the blood, compulsory reduction in time spent on the game, greater parental control and more.

In BGMI, multiple players fight it out among themselves to ensure they remain the last man standing and thereby win the game.

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